How to activate night mode on my Samsung Galaxy S10 mobile phone

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What kind of configuration does night mode offer us in the Samsung Galaxy S10?

Depending on the tastes and needs of users, we can activate the night mode manually or automatically on our Samsung Galaxy S10 mobile phone. The first option will be used to control by yourself a certain time of day when we want the night mode.

automatic configuration, the phone will know the time of day when we want to have this option and it will activate itself.

The way to apply night mode on our Galaxy S10 starts by swiping your finger on the home screen, up or down.

This will take us to where the phone applications are and we will see the «settings» icon that we have to press. We will go to a screen that shows us various configuration options, but the one that interests us mainly is the "Display" option.

When you click, you will have the configuration for the «Night mode» and you will have to press so that it takes you to select the 2 options we have mentioned. One is "Activate now", which would be the manual way, and the other "Activate according to program", the automatic part.

If we choose to apply «Activate now» we simply slide the switch next to it and that's it! We have already managed to activate the night mode of our Samsung Galaxy S10.

Now, if we pass the button to activate the automatic form, a tab will open for you to choose "From dusk to dawn" or "Personalized program".

In the first alternative, the phone itself recognizes the activation time, while if we customize it, we can set the start and end time of the execution of the " Night mode ". Setting the time and giving it "Done". you will have finished the process.

How is the night interface on Galaxy S10 devices?

When we activate the "night mode" of our phone we will find a color gradient between black, white, gray and blue. Sure, the dominant color is black, but there is a wonderful balance with the other shades. This contrast allows us to to have the rest of the eyes we so desire, while it has a fairly simple and practical interface.

As in other devices, the " night mode »Allows you to save battery by using the AMOLED screen, which leaves some areas of the screen off. So, for anyone who spends a lot of time using their Samsung S10 mobile device, this is great news.

Surely you have already noticed that activating the "night mode" of the Samsung Galaxy S10 it is quite simple. We made sure that in this post you felt comfortable learning how to apply this option on your phone. We would like to know your opinion on the fact that we have helped you; so please leave us your important comment.

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