How to activate notifications on Smartwatch T500 - Step by step configuration

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On the other hand, after reading the instructions it specified in its box, they learn a lot more and get more out of this element. But sometimes there are drawbacks and we don't know why they happen; One of the most frequent is that we do not receive notifications of anything and we think it may have been damaged and defective. So here we will teach you how to activate them or verify that they are active and other details.

Why am I not receiving notifications on my Smartwatch?

Before learning how to fix it, you should find out what causes notifications not to appear on your Smartwatch screen. For this it is necessary to check some alternatives that could be the causes of this problem; Here are some tips for the most common cases.

Make sure theater mode is turned off

The theater mode has two particular functions that define it, the first is that it prevents our watch from turning on the screen every time we move our wrist; the second is that it prevents vibrations or notifications from reaching the device. In this sense, you should check if it is active or not as it may be the one that is causing the annoyance why it basically works like airplane mode of cell phones.

To do this you can make a movement or shake your wrist to see if it turns on, if it manages to turn on automatically it means that it is not active; but if the screen doesn't turn on, that's because it is. Deactivating it is a bit simple, you can double press the button that carries the smartwatch And that's it; or failing that, go to settings and enter "mode" and scroll there until you find it, enter it and disable it.

Check your phone connection

Another possible option for notifications not reaching your watch is because the phone you connected is no longer connected or may even be turned off or without an internet connection. Therefore, you should check if you have a Wi-Fi signal with internet connection or mobile data ; It could also be that you've turned on airplane mode and don't have any connectivity, so check that it's none of these options.

Make sure your mobile is connected to the watch

Also, you need to make sure your mobile is connected and keep notifications reaching it connected directly to the running smartwatch. In this case, you have to confirm that the linking process has been completed and that you have the app that runs it on your mobile; If not, you should learn how to set it up with very simple steps.

How to check if I have disabled notifications in "Phone settings"

You can check from your mobile phone settings if notifications are disabled or not; by simply following the steps given below you can do it easily:

  • Open the settings or settings on your mobile
  • Then go to the app section
  • Select again within these in the settings
  • A drop-down menu will appear where you need to click on "special access"
  • Once this part is open, look for access to notifications
  • Finally, in there, you just have to see next to the smartwatch box if the lever marks disabled, press here and that's it

What is the symbol that verifies the connection to my device?

In the Wear Os application, the word 'connected' becomes visible when the connection between the two devices has been established; However, when on the clock screen appare the cloud icon with a diagonal stripe just in the middle, it means our smartwatch is not connected to any mobile phone.

How should I configure my Chinese Smartwatch to see notifications?

Knowing that the mobile phone and the smartwatch are connected, you can use the app that it is recommended to install to be able to see the applications whose notifications will appear on the watch. To do this, devi alone enter this application from your mobile and go where all the apps come out and there you can check which ones are active and thus know which notifications will arrive.

Installa Watch Droid Phone

Now you can even download the Watch Droid Phone application on your Android phone, which is available in the application store and is free. To install it you have to search for it in the Google Play Store, insert it and click on 'install'; Once processed, open it and connect your Smartwatch from here.

After connecting with the two devices, you will see that one appears notification section in the app, enter there and all the applications you have on your mobile will appear and you can select the one you want to notify the watch and that's it.

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