How to activate one-handed mode on Android 12

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The second developer preview of Android 12 is out and brings with it several exciting new features. In addition to the constant color and theme redesigns that Google is trying to do before the release of the stable version of the operating system, this includes a one-handed mode that you could take advantage of a lot. For this same reason, today we will explain how to activate one-handed mode in android 12.

The feature, which was slow to arrive, can now be natively activated on Android 12 phones. Do you want to try it? So check out this article on Android 12 Developer Preview 2 and check if your smartphone is in the list of compatible phones.

One-handed mode Android 12

What is one-handed mode on Android?

One-handed mode allows you to shrink your Android's screen so that its interface stops taking up 6 inches of the physical screen and a virtual 4-inch screen is displayed. What is your function? Make it more comfortable to use your smartphone with one hand.

Although not everyone knows this, the a a hand is a feature present in different levels of customization from manufacturers such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Motorola and Asus. However, it hadn't become a native feature of Google's mobile operating system until Android 12 arrived.

Steps to activate manual mode in Android 12

Although this feature is available in Android 12 Developer Preview 2, it is disabled by default. To enable and test it on your mobile, you have to follow the steps that we will indicate below.

Activate one-handed mode in Android 12

  • Open Settings and touch System.
  • Enter Gestures.
  • Play in one-handed mode.

One-handed gestures Android 12

  • Then activate Use one-handed mode.

Within the gesture settings you can customize a couple of options for one-handed mode. The first is to quit when switching applications, which will reset the screen to its maximum size every time you quit an app. The second, which is called TimeOut, allows you to set the length of time to end use of the one-handed mode and return the mobile screen to full screen.

Did you understand? Activating one-handed mode in Android 12 is child's play! After following these steps, in a few seconds it will be enabled.

This is how one-handed mode is used in Android 12

After enabling it, the One-handed mode is activated by sliding your finger down at the bottom of the screen. When you do that, the screen will shrink vertically and if you want to exit you just have to tap at the top of the shrunk screen.

Unlike customization layers that scale vertically and horizontally, so far Google's one-handed mode can only be used vertically. However, the possibility that this will be improved or changed before the arrival of the stable version of Android is not excluded.

If you want to know more about the latest version of Google's operating system, check out this article which shows all the new features of Android 12. You will be surprised!

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