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This is because many of the interface related functions involve interacting with the top and bottom of the mobile phone. For this reason, several manufacturers have implemented a feature that allows you to use these devices with one hand. In fact, it is even possible to activate the Android keyboard for one hand.

And Huawei hasn't been left behind, why in the most recent versions of EMUI it has also incorporated this option. Therefore, below we will show you how to activate one-handed mode on Huawei, also known as mini screen.

How to activate Huawei one-handed mode?

Although EMUI has been around for some time with this built-in, the way to configure it it's a bit hidden, but it can be very useful, such as activating left-handed mode in Android.

Therefore, many were not even aware of this feature. To activate it, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to settings ”.
  2. Select the "Smart Assistance" option.
  3. Tap the "One-handed user interface" icon.
  4. Activate the "Mini screen" option.

This way you will have already activated the function. To use it you have to make a gesture on the screen. To return to normal view, you just need to click on the X (x) in the corner of the mini screen. You can also find great help on how to use one-handed mode on Huawei's official page.

Advantages of using Huawei's one-handed mode

When Motorola introduced the first mobile phone in 1973, all media exploded. It really was about innovation at its best. However, there was a problem: it was too big and heavy.

So much so that it has earned the nickname of "brick". Therefore, subsequent generations have focused on reducing the size of cell phones. But with the release of the iPhone in 2007, the model changed. Now each generation of mobile has chosen to be bigger and bigger.

Undoubtedly, cell phones today are bigger than before. Many of them touch nearly 7 inches in front. But this situation affects people who have small hands or joint problems.

Since they can't reach certain parts of the device, they can't even use it completely. Therefore, the main benefit of implementing one-handed mode is that these users can use all the functions of their phones. Since the whole interface is reduced to a much more manageable size, using a mobile phone is now more comfortable. In addition, there are other ways to make it easier to use, such as opening multiple applications at the same time on Android.

Disadvantages of using Huawei's one-handed mode

But having such a small screen poses a problem: the quality of some screen elements is reduced. Therefore, if you want to watch a movie or video on YouTube, you need to close this function to fully enjoy the benefits of having a large screen.

This case shows that in the world of technology, every invention or innovation has its pros and cons.

How to fix the error that does not allow to switch to Huawei one-handed mode

Sometimes many users have encountered the unfortunate situation of not being able to use the one-handed mode that Huawei integrates into their devices. This error is usually due to two reasons. We will explain them below and provide the solution for each of them.

Reason 1: the function is disabled. To activate it, follow the steps we describe in the first part of this article.

Reason 2: The gesture used to activate the function is wrong. To activate this function, slide your finger on the screen as explained below.

  1. If gesture navigation is active, swipe up diagonally from one of the bottom edges.
  2. If the three-key navigation is active, you need to slide a finger from one end of the navigation panel to the other.
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