How to activate or deactivate the Xiaomi Mi Band screen lock

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For this, it is important that you know how activate the screen lock on your Xiaomi. If you own a Xiaomi Mi Band, you will learn how to activate its screen lock, so that all your devices are protected.

Likewise, it is also helpful to know how to unlock it. This is in case you buy one Xiaomi Mi Band from someone else and you've turned on the screen lock option.

How to activate the Xiaomi Mi Band screen lock

Before performing this procedure, it is important to pair your Xiaomi device with the Mi Band. Once this process is done, you will need to complete a series of very simple steps.

In addition to protecting your content, the phone lock will prevent activation of the screen by friction or water and starting any business without us noticing.

To activate the screen lock we will do slide the screen of our band down till a when we will not get the option Other, we will press there and subsequently we will have to go down to the settings option. We will have to press the second option called Screen lock and we will have to activate the function.

It is important to note that the block activates after one minute of inactivity. Therefore, if the screen is activated immediately after use, the device can be accessed normally, giving the impression that the lock does not work.

How to add a password to the Xiaomi Mi Band screen lock

If you want to strengthen the security of your device, it is recommended that you add a code or one password on screen lock. This will activate every time we remove the strap from the wrist.

This process will be done from our mobile. The first thing to do is to go to the application My Fit. There we have to go to the profile and select the option Our band. If you don't have the application yet, you can download Mi Fit in the Play Store. 

We have to wait a short moment for the synchronization and, after that, we will have to go down to the option called Laboratory. We select the option Bracelet lock and we will have to establish a pin with the 4 digits they offer us and finally we will save the changes.

After going through this procedure, when we try to enter our band we will see that there will ask for the pin that we just placed instead of just sliding your finger across the screen.

How to disable Xiaomi Mi Band screen lock

Like the previous procedure, this will be performed directly from our Xiaomi mobile phone. We will need to access the application Mi Fit and there select the profile option in the bottom bar.

Select your band to access its settings and locate the screen lock option, represented by an icon in the shape of white padlock. There you will have to select the option called Go To Settings located at the bottom of the screen.

Then we will have to press the Lock screen and keys option. In the keys section we will have to select Smart Unlock. We will need to have Bluetooth turned on for the next step.

With Bluetooth enabled we will have to select the option Add a Bluetooth device. The last step will be to add the watch to the mobile and disable the Smart Lock card. After this point, your mobile will need to enter an unlock method even if our bracelet is nearby.

Disable Xiaomi Mi Band screen lock password

If for some reason we want remove the password from our band, we will have to perform a procedure very similar to the previous one.

In Mi Fit we will have to access the profile of our band and we will have to look for the Laboratory option and in the Bracelet lock section we will have two options: Disable password and Change password.

We will press deactivate, then we will accept and that's it, we will have removed the password.

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