How to activate or deactivate two-step verification of Apple ID?

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This turns out to be a great way to stay away or safe from computer hackers and external users.

The Apple company, thinking about its users and using the most innovative tools currently existing in terms of security. Implement this two-factor authentication system that enhances existing security protocols.

Adding a level of security doesn't hurt, knowing that there is a chance that hackers can find a breach and poke around your accounts. We have already talked to you in an article dell’ID Apple and how to recover your account if you forget your password.

How to activate or deactivate two-step verification of Apple ID?

But before we get started we'll tell you what verification does in two steps or two factors. When we want to access our account we not only have to enter the password, we also have to enter a code that will automatically arrive in the form of an SMS message. This will arrive on our iPhone or synced device that we have associated with the account.

To  enable two-step verification of Apple ID, we need to perform the following steps. First we go from our device to the browser and enter the following address on this page we will select the option Manage your Apple ID.

Then we have to enter our account ID as well as the password and finally click on the Login option. On the left side of the screen we will see a menu and in it we will select Password and security. Send us your security questions and we'll get back to you, then under management we'll see the two-step verification option.

Let's click this button to get started, now it will show us how this feature works and we need to click continue. The next step is to enter a phone number for receive the SMS. We will receive the message and we will have to confirm it on the web. To continue with the process, we are now going to verify trusted devices.

You will be shown the devices that are linked to Find My iPhone from our iCloud account and now we will click the Verify option for each new device. Now we are shown some information about the consequences of activating XNUMX-Step Verification and click on the I understand these conditions option.

How to turn off Apple ID XNUMX-Step Verification

The steps to take for turn off two-step verification for Apple ID are the following. First you need to log into My Apple ID at the following address on this page select the Manage your Apple ID option. You need to login, then choose the Password and Security option.

Now you need to look for the Disable Two-Step Verification option, now you need to select new security questions. You have to to insert also the date of birth and we suggest you register a recovery email. Then click on Save changes, if you have followed exactly the instructions we have given you here, you have already deactivated the function.

As you can see, it is very easy to perform or activate this new function that Apple added in its security protocols. This is to offer us an extra extra, in the security of our data and it is not so easy to be able to violate them.

In this way we finish the tutorial which showed you in a very simple way how to enable or disable two-step verification of Apple ID.

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