How to activate saver or low power mode on my iPad or iPhone

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To make such an extreme advancement in the size of a mobile, many things had to be taken into consideration, such as the size of the motherboard, the screen, the antenna and much more. But probably what many developers or producers presented as a stumbling block in the first instance was the battery.

We have gone from using batteries that would probably be used today for electric screwdrivers, to small ones, extremely resistant and with few construction errors. Many cell phones they have a small battery which can be removed if necessary, while many others have a fairly robust and resistant internal battery, as in the case of the Apple devices.

The quality of Apple devices is no secret to anyone, each of them has an excellent managed system on its iOS in all its versions and we cannot leave out its camera and screen. But if there's one thing they've even managed to impress their users with, it's its battery, which is usually durable and, better yet, affordable.

If you are using a device such as a iPhone or iPad, you can save a lot of the battery you use with just the save mode option, as we'll show you below.

How to activate the battery saving mode?

Do you feel like you are going to have a long day? Do you think you will need your battery to last as long as possible? If this is something that happens in your day, or you just have a low battery, can always activate the battery saving mode of your iPhone or iPad, without too much trouble, a mode that makes your device count every small percentage of battery with it working, which you can view.

Being able to activate it is something very simple, and since you just have to insert your iPad or iPhone and go directly to their configuration. Once inside, you need to find the "Battery" section, where you can see the option to activate or deactivate the battery saving mode, although you must also keep in mind that you can activate it in the Control Center.

Once this mode is activated, the iPhone battery will be saved through several processes that are canceled, limited or specifically managed, and the same mode will be deactivated once the battery has been loaded up to 80%.

What Happens During Power Saving Mode?

If you turn on battery saving mode, you are likely curious as to how it works, since at first glance it does not seem that there are major changes in your device. Therefore, various functions are limited, including canceling automatic downloads and "Hey Siri".

On the other hand, you will also see that your iPhone screen lock changes, as by default it will be set to 30 seconds to occur. Additionally, iCloud photo processing will cease altogether and many of the device's fancy images will be disabled to help with battery life. It should be noted that you can also forcibly close applications so that you can improve the performance of your device.

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