How to activate the notification light or flash on Huawei Android phones

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That said, the movements and interactions we make on the web mean that the same device is at the center of several notifications that we have activated on the mobile, which warn and notify us of different messages, calls or reminders that we might have pending within our own mobile phone.

However, the main problem with these notifications is that on various devices, they usually aren't configured in a normal or specific way, depending on the notification we are receiving.

The usual thing is that newer cell phones have a small light bulb inside the cell phone that changes color or intensity depending on the notification or alert our cell phone is throwing at us.

What is sought with this notification is to make the user understand that there is something on his mobile that he needs or must see directly or immediately.

In this post you we will teach how to configure this led notification in a few simple steps, with which you can also configure it and not miss anything that happens inside your device.

How to activate the led light of your Huawei P20?

To get started, you just have to enter the settings menu that you will find on your phone Huawei P20. You can easily recognize this option, since it has a gray dice symbol and it will be in the tools menu on your mobile.

After opening these settings, you should start going to the «Applications and notifications» option. When they find you inside this panel with different options, you have to scroll to the last option of the same and select the tab » Notifications and status bar ". Press here.

Inside you will see various options, among which you will only find the one called «LED light notification». There you will find the option "Activate". Just press it and it starts working correctly on your mobile.

Activation of the led light on your Huawei P30

Contrary to what many mistakenly believe, the telephone Huawei P30 It does not come with the built-in led light tool, so that the user can use it freely.

However, it is possible to use various mobile applications, with which you can activate the flash when there is some kind of missed call inside or SMS. If you want to know a little more, keep reading this post:

  • To get started you need to download the Flash Alert application, calls and SMS
  • Next, you need to enter the application you just downloaded to see the set of options and configurations it can perform.
  • Once inside, you will see that you will be shown a small button, which you must press so that it remains with the word ON. This word will indicate that the flash of your camera will be configured immediately with notifications from your system.
  • Once the notifications are activated, a screen will open immediately in front of you where you can distinguish a green icon that presents two crossed tools.
  • Press it, so that it helps you to indicate which applications will be handled by the flash light notification.

And voila, everything will be ready so you never miss one notifies or a pending call on your mobile.

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