How to add and have the GoPro (Fish Eye) effect on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

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The iPhone camera it is usually one of the most recommended by users who are dedicated to taking pictures or recording videos. What differentiates them and places them as the best alternative is their high resolution, capable of offering an image nitida e HD and the possibility of having a great variety of angles and photographic modes.

Among these, the fisheye angle, which allows you to increase and distort the focus by highlighting the center of the frame, giving a more artistic touch to the image or even to the video.

To add the fisheye effect on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, you need to download a very simple app to set up and in the next article we will explain it step by step.

What is a fisheye lens?

This is a very special lens since it has the characteristic of excessively distorting the elements of the image. This happens because its optics are very angular, reaching a 180 degree view.

How to use a Fisheye?

The most common uses that can be given to the fisheye lens are for photographing landscapes or architectural structures, basically because amplifies the details allowing you to appreciate its beauty.

Another good use that is often given to this lens is to capture portraits, as it allows the center to stand out above the other elements that make up the frame. However, it should be borne in mind that for the image to look good, what you want to highlight will always have to be in the center.

Finally, another good use for fisheye is take 360-degree photos, as being a 180 degree angle lens, you can capture more details in fewer shots.

Add the Fisheye effect to your iPhone

You can add this effect with an application that you can find in the totally free app store. This effect will give your images an oval or circular effect, similar to GoPro cameras, with the result that the photos will look good.

The application you should download is called Lomo All. After downloading and opening it, we can see that the interface is very easy to use, since it doesn't have too many cumbersome features.

In the top panel you will find the information button. The other button frames the image in a quadrangular or circular way, so that the photos have the edges you like best.

Later you will be able to see the fisheye effect itself. You can turn it on and off as you wish. When this function is activated , you will see that the image appears oval. And finally, you'll have the option to switch cameras, which is useful for taking selfies or panoramas.


At the bottom of the application we will have access to the photo gallery that we took, the shutter, logically to take the photos with the fisheye effect and some image adjustments.

In these settings we can establish different types of image formats including mosaics, collages, strips, among many other options. Useful for putting together a compendium of photos with this effect.

We can also find the timer, to determine how long it will take before the photograph and flash are fired, in case the aircraft is dark. Finally we can find a filter section.

While there aren't too many filters available, they can be useful for giving a better finish to our images. In principle, only three filters will be available, however we can log in with ours Facebook account to enable others.

Advantages of having a fisheye on your iPhone

Mostly, by having the fisheye function on your mobile, you can save a good amount of money by not having to buy one GoPro. Another advantage is that it produces an effect that very few lenses offer, which is that it gives the viewer the feeling of being inside the image.

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