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When you are an extremely busy person, a mobile it can make a huge difference in our daily life thanks to all the benefits that come with its use. Through the different applications we have and can have on a mobile device, applications designed to organize our life are always popular.

We have a lot for this purpose. In fact, in the application stores, we can find applications like Trello and other organizers that allow us to write down the activities and appointments we have during a specific day.

They are extremely effective methods for organizing our activities. This shows that the use of organizers, the ones that are handwritten, can be put aside in order to be able to use the applications that are in our mobiles for this.

And for that, calendars are usually an important part of the process. Through i Calendar we can program appointments, being able to make birthday reminders and much more.

We can't just see specific dates on a calendar. Through a phone, we can perform all kinds of activities so that we can have all the functions of an organizer without having to buy one.

Also, see the number of weeks for a month in our calendars is a rather important function. With this we can know which week of the month we are in and which week of the month there is a particular event.

And, if you're interested in seeing these weeks, then we'll show you how to view them on your device iPhone.

Via the Calendar app on your iPhone

When we use an iPhone, we have direct and immediate access to all kinds of tools when we have the equipment in our hands. We can have access to our weight control, one compass, among others.

But the calendar is likely to be one of the most used tools by users of any mobile device. However, you may find yourself accessing the calendar and wanting to see the number of weeks. If so, see how you can show them in this step by step:

  1. First, enter the Settings option of your iPhone.
  2. Once here, go down the list Settings main until you find the Calendar section. Come in.
  3. Now, many options of your calendar will be displayed on the screen. Just find the one for ”Numbers settimana ”And activate it. With this, you can now have access to the number of weeks in any month whenever you open the Calendar app.

Via Google Calendar

While most iPhone applications are comfortable enough to use, many tend to prefer to use other applications. Especially all the basic ones of Google. This may be due to the aesthetic appearance or the interface. But whatever the reason, if you are a user of Google Calendar and you want to do the same as explained above, just follow these steps:

  • First, open the Google Calendar app on your iPhone.
  • Next, locate the menu, which is shaped like three horizontal bars and is located in the upper left corner. Select it.
  • Now you need to go into Settings, then into the General category.
  • Then, activate the option “Week numbers” that you find in the list and Ready!
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