How to advertise on Instagram for free or for a fee?

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How can I grow my Instagram account for free?

Instagram has been around 15 years since it was created and over time they have improved tools that allow you to grow on the platform in a simple way through analysis and statistics based on the use of your account. But analyzing and being consistent in publishing can sometimes be boring because the results aren't immediate.

For this reason, most people choose to hire professionals they have the time and the calling for optimize their accounts and position them in the algorithm of this network, or even pay influencers or digital content creators to advertise and gain followers.


The creators of Instagram, realizing that most of their users were people without much knowledge in the digital field, decided to present a solution: instant advertising from the same platform! This will allow you to pay your advertising directly on the social network and they will take care of putting your account first in the Instagram algorithm.

Why is it good? You will avoid being scammed from people who got fake followers through bots. And you'll make sure you get an increase in the revenue, followers, and reach you so desire to rank for.

How can I pay for Instagram advertising?

Actually, you don't have many steps to go through, it's really simple. You just have to create your Instagram account, provide basic information such as: username, email, password, age, date of birth and of course a profile photo of your choice.

Now after this you have to choose your profile like "Company Profile" and not privatize it, otherwise, the option to "promote" will not appear. Once this is done, publish the photo you want to promote, (if you want to pay the promotion from an existing account, you just have to make sure it is in the «company profile» and click on the «promote» button of all the photos you want).

After clicking the button, a manual of options will open for you to choose from. You must connect your account with an existing Facebook account, once your account is connected you must provide the details of the bank account where you will make the payment, these can be BOFA, CELL or similar PAYPAL without or with credit card. 

After connecting your bank account, it will let you choose the scope, goal and amount of time you want your publication to appear, based on this you will have affordable rates for you. You will have to press «accept» and the your publication will already be promoted with the details you specified earlier.

Does paid advertising on Instagram work?

It has been proven that it is and that it is totally safe, however, you have to take into account that paying for advertising does not guarantee that you will continue to increase your followers and reach after the end, as continuing to optimize your social networks depends on the perseverance and creativity they maintain. But it is certainly advisable to advertise from the same platform.


It is important to bear in mind that the Paid advertising is not an option for all countries, as some do not accept their own currencies, so it is impossible to link the bank account and proceed with the payment. If this is the case, we recommend that you carry out the entire process outside of your country.

Is there free advertising on Instagram?

Since Instagram created this option for its users, it has always been paid for, but its price is not very high, in fact, for its excellent functioning it is quite cheap and convenient for people who don't have much capital to start investing in their business and browsing digital marketing networks.

Without a doubt, it is a great option to try this advertisement that Instagram offers you.

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