How to backup a playlist on YouTube?

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One of the many functions of this video site, and one of the most used, is to create a playlist or search for someone else's YouTube playlists. This allows you to locate your chosen, favorite or interesting content in one place so that be able to access them quickly and directly.

And many times, we find ourselves in need or curious to know how to back them up. That is why we have chosen to collect this information in this guide.

What do I need to create a security duplicate?

back up a YouTube playlist, of course you must have the compilation in question.

But you will also need an extra tool to be able to download the file with the data and directly to the computer where we will save it.

The good thing is that this tool exists, and it's called YouTube Export, which is dedicated to exporting playlists directly from the platform.

Steps to export to YouTube

This is completely free software and is found on the web. All you have to do is enter the words " YouTube Export »In the Google search engine.

Already in the first result you will be able to access a page where you can download it. The application is then run via the.exe file, this is it YoutubeExport.exe.


Steps to back up a playlist on YouTube

After being installed and run, the tool will show us a pop-up window, with a fairly simple interface typical of the program.

In this, you will have the option of paste the URL of the playlist to save. This will cause the songs in question to appear slowly.

The next step is to decide in which format you want to download the backup copy, giving as an option a file in format » .html »Or a text file» . Txt «.

However, the program also offers the option to save both files at the same time. Once you've set this up, you'll just need to save the copy.

To do this, click on » Update »Or» Update «, Then wait for the process to run correctly.

The time required will mainly be proportional to the size of the playlist, as well as the preferred format. Internet connection measurement is essential, and the hardware the execution team has has an influence too.

Functionality you will get

You will be able to see and access the files created in the default folder chosen by YouTube Export. By opening these records, you can verify that all the information in the playlist has been saved.

But not only will the list be backed up as such, but all the data of each track will be saved, i.e. the artist name, title, duration and individual URL.


Furthermore, in the same way it is possible to make backup copies of various YouTube playlists, even public ones.

In this sense there is no limit to the number of playlists that can be copied, it is up to the user to decide whether or not to do so for each playlist they use.

One thing to keep in mind is that the backup copies will come exported to readable files, i.e. they are recorded in this way. This means that if you want to research specific information about a track, you can use the protected data.

So, it can be said that YouTube Export it is a very valuable tool, especially for those who are music lovers and want to carry a specific order.

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