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The latter is due to the fact that our whole perspective of a web page changes when we have to focus on getting visits, having good positioning and having content optimized but interesting.

This can be a pretty tricky and complicated process, so you always have to find the best way to lighten the load a little, just to make everything a little easier to handle. The answer to this often comes in the form of good service hosting.

Also, when it comes to hosting, many services or platforms often come to mind. But among the best and most used in the Spanish language there is Raiola Networks. It is moderately priced hosting service and first class services for everything you need.

So if you are thinking of having a hosting service for a page with totally commercial content or with a content more focused on your entertainment (or other) perhaps Raiola Networks is the hosting service for you.

With the latter in mind, it should be noted that they also have the option to use cPanel, within their services. And best of all, you can make a backup copy of your WordPress page with this if you need it.

Performing a Backup in cPanel

cPanel is a great service interesting a must have, especially if you already have a contract with Raiola Networks. This is due to all the advantages that come with using cPanel; All the resulting features are truly unique and very comfortable to use.

This includes the ability to backup. It's something quick enough to use, albeit a little basic in its use. For this, you need to follow step by step:

  • Start by placing the File option in cPanel. Here you will see the section Backup, click on it.
  • As soon as we click on it, we will see a blue button that says "Download a full backup from the website". This will directly download a backup copy of the entire hosting account we have with this web portal. Furthermore, it is possible to send it to an FTP server if it is used by us, as well as to save it in our hosting account with Raiola Networks.
  • We can now see how it is saved, although we also have the opportunity for the same process to let us know when it ends.

The alternatives

As we said, the "backup" process that we run via cPanel can be a bit basic for many users. Therefore, in case you want to have another option when backing up, you can always use the plug-ins.

There are tons of backups to choose from, and many of them are completely free. Everything is based on what you need, because for example you have BackWPup, which allows you to make a fairly complete backup with access to Dropbox; or you can also use DawinBackup to have a more complete and simple process.

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