How to backup my Instagram account photos?

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Instagram is one of the most used social networks in the world. This caused great suspicion with people's data and photos. That is why there are several methods for make a backup copy of your account photos Instagram and in addition to extract them at any time you want.

The advantage of making a backup copy of the photos of this social network is to access them easily. Besides being sure if anything happens with your account Instagram, you can count on these files.

Steps to backup photos from your Instagram account to Google photos

This method which will be explained below allows you to save Instagram photos into images uploaded from Google photos. This process is possible thanks to external applications that provide this service and are reliable.

PicBackMan app method

To do this, you need to download the PicBackMan application. Once installed, you need to log into the Instagram account from the application and do the same with the Google photos, this will allow the two applications to connect. It should be noted that it can be done with Google Drive and Dropbox by following the same steps.

The next thing is to configure the application according to what you want, this is very easy and intuitive. So it is necessary authenticate for what you can do the process. For this it is necessary to insert a code in Google photos whose function is to authenticate the procedure.


Both Instagram and Google Photos they will ask for owner authentication and approval to confirm that I trust the external application.

After this process within the PicBackMan application, you have to go to the " Migra »And choose the account to which the Instagram images will be sent, which in this case is Google photos.

How long to backup your Instagram account photos depends on your internet speed.

Integromat tool method

Making a backup copy of your Instagram account photos with this application is very simple and even automated. Integromat is a tool used to mechanize processes between applications on the Internet. Its uses are practically endless and it is great for automating them.

To make a backup copy of your Instagram account photos, you need to go to their page and create an account. This also allows you to log in directly with a Facebook or Google account.

Once logged in, search for and select the option «Models» represented by a puzzle icon in the left bar. Then all the preset templates that can be used will appear.

To find the one that does the backup function in Instagram the most recommended, due to the number of existing templates, is to press the option "Filter" and write in the bar that shows Instagram on the right .

Next, the models associated with this social network will be displayed. You have to select the one with the Google photos icon.


Once done, it will open it and provide a description and explanation on its use. Next, you need to select the option "Create". This you will allow you to change and correct the network parameters.

First, it will ask you to add the Instagram account and agree that you give the tool permission to view the data. Since without this you will not be able to carry out the process.

The same is done with the account in Google photos and finally the option is pressed "Run once" to activate the system and automatically generate the backup.

Now that you know how to make a backup, it's time you looked for more Instagram features that you didn't know existed, like the one that allows you to copy and share your account link, or the one that allows you to archive all Instagram posts without. delete them.

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