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How to become a contributor to a Facebook page?

Over the years, there is no doubt that more and more people have joined the huge Facebook family, enjoying all that this social network has to offer. For example, today there are hundreds of popular pages that anyone who wants to can participate and share content.

If they have managed to successfully promote a Facebook page and it manages to have good popularity, it gets some extra enhancements or options that make it that much better. One of these options is to have collaborators, which they pay a certain amount of money to be able to enjoy certain benefits when using the page.

They will have a badge that will identify them as such, which they can remove when they want. If you want to enjoy these benefits and contribute to a Facebook page, here are the simple steps you need to follow.

Steps to be a contributor to a Facebook page

You have to keep in mind that to be a one page contributor, you need to be authorized to give collaborator badges. This is decided by Facebook itself, depending on its popularity and reach.

Once you are sure that the page you want is authorized to have collaborators, find out the price you have to pay to reach it. You have to pay the amount by credit card, directly to the page administrator. As you will see, managing a Facebook page is a great business option if you are committed.

The administrator is the one who decides the amount that followers of the page they must pay to be collaborators and must offer great content so that they want to get the exclusive one. In addition, he decides what benefits the contributors of his page can receive.

Advantages of being a contributor to a Facebook page

There are many benefits for Facebook Page contributors, but they can vary by page. Before buying them, make sure which ones would be available in your case. All the benefits that collaborators can receive are:

  • Several exclusive surveys and question and answer sessions to interact with other followers.
  • Exclusive content for contributors.

  • Direct access to the library and content catalog.
  • Participate in the content creation process.
  • Big discounts on services, products and events offered on the page.
  • View live video where they can interact with administrators and other contributors.

These are the benefits that collaborators can get, even if the administrator is free to decide which ones will be available on his page. There are also other perks like being able to brag or flaunt your own collaborator badge in the comments of the publications, showing it to other followers.

They will also have early access to events and they will discover special occasions before others. Finally, they will also have special mentions in publications, such as when noting their birthdays or other anniversaries.

This is just one of the great options that creating a Facebook fan page offers you, as you can count on the support of a large community of people interested in the same thing as you. Being part of one and even being a co-worker is undoubtedly a great option to go out.

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