How to block a phone number on my Samsung Galaxy

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However, we shouldn't just protect our mobile phone, but ourselves and ours as well privacy, being a protection that our cell phones often provide. This comes in many forms and forms, but in general we will have almost the same privacy and security options as the social networks we use most or computers.

When we talk about this type of protection, we mean that we can choose who contacts us and who doesn't, or even the way it does it. This can be used extensively, but more specifically with the calls we receive on our mobile, as we can run into annoying or annoying people who can call us repeatedly.

Whether you want to block a number so you never know it again for different reasons or something else, you can easily do this on any mobile, but as this process usually varies greatly from mobile to mobile, we show you below how can you do it on a samsung galaxy mobile.

The first way to block numbers

The mobile phone industry has become extremely broad with the passage of time, as the race for the best mobile phone is led not just by a couple of brands, but by many. However, Samsung remains ahead of many as it continues to sell high-quality equipment that everyone wants to have at all costs.

Indeed, the way a cellphone is used Samsung it is extremely comfortable, because it is also designed from the point of view of user safety. We mention it because the process of blocking a number on a Samsung Galaxy mobile is a fairly simple process to perform, bearing in mind that there are two ways to do it.

The first is if you know the specific number you want to block; In that case, you need to enter the 'Phone' application and within it locate the 'Menu' button which is located at the top and which is characterized by having the shape of three points. Select it, enter the "Settings" and then go directly to the option « Numeri blocked " where you can add the number to block it and block it permanently.

The second way

In case you want to block a number but you don't know it, or because it is a number that is not shown, you can perform a method other than the first. Come back to the "Telephone" application i went his "Recent" and look for the number to block or the recent call you don't want to repeat.

Once you have located the number, select the menu with the shape of three dots next to the call and then select the 'Block unknown calls' menu, blocking permanently that number from the call locked.

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