How to block calls from unknown numbers on Huawei phones

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It should be borne in mind that to carry out this process, your android OS should be 8.0 or higher. The changes to be made are practically the same on all Android devices, however, depending on the brand or manufacturer of the device, the process of blocking calls from unknown numbers may vary slightly.

The big advantage of having a operating system equal to or greater than 8.0 is that you will not have to resort to additional applications,  saving internal memory. Here we explain how to block calls from unknown numbers depending on the phone brand.

Block calls from unknown numbers on Huawei

Huawei has a feature known as harassment filter, where you can find the blacklist. There you can exclude unknown contacts or numbers, preventing those numbers from texting or making calls to us.

To apply this configuration you need to log in to the application Phone Manager and select the option Filter. Once there, you'll need to select the settings option (the gear icon in the top right corner).

Once there, we will see several options:

  • Interception rules
  • Black list of numbers
  • Blacklist of keywords
  • White list of numbers
  • Notifications

Interception rules

In this option we can configure the device to block one or all unknown contacts, incoming calls and all messages from unknown senders.

Black list of numbers

This option allows you to select one or more numbers and add them to the blacklist. In this way the numbers will be blocked, preventing the entry of calls and messages.

Blacklist of keywords

In this configuration we can select a list of keywords and all messages from unknown numbers that contain these words will be blocked and will not arrive.

White list of numbers

Unlike the black list, all the numbers of this one list will be able to send messages and make calls to our number.


In this option we can change the settings of the blocked numbers and contacts that are not blacklisted.

Block calls on Huawei

The procedure for blocking calls from unknown numbers on Samsung devices is extremely simple. The first thing to do is to go up Phone.

In the phone menu, you have to press the “more” option. The next thing will be to go to settings and finally to call blocking. At this point you just have to add contacts or the unknown numbers you want to block and that's it.

How to block calls if my mobile phone doesn't have the function?

If your device doesn't have the operating system to perform this function, you don't have to worry, there are still alternatives so that you can block calls from those annoying unknown numbers that interrupt your peace of mind.

In this case, what you need to do is resort to some applications that are compatible with any Android device and that they deal with block calls. The most useful are usually:

Mr. Number-Block calls and spam

This application is in able to block quickly unwanted calls and messages. This App holds all calls received from unknown numbers and hangs up automatically. Likewise, it can be configured to send calls to voicemail.

Its use is very simple, you just have to download and install it and enter your country code, followed by your number. Finally, we will have to press on the forbidden icon and there we will have to place all the unwanted numbers.

Free Call Blocking - Blacklist

Like the previous one, with this app we can block calls and messages from unwanted numbers, with the particularity that comes created a separate record with all calls.

Once the application is installed, you need to press the + button and add all the numbers you want to block. The application is very light and does not consume much battery.

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