How to calibrate an iPhone phone's battery to last longer for charging?

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How can we know if the battery needs to be calibrated?

Our phone's batteries tend to get unbalanced. This is evident when we connect them to the charger so they charge to 100% and when unplug it goes to 99% or much less without even touching a button. Also, it can be noticed in the battery level that, at some point, they start to turn off, although this should happen in 1%, but the low battery notification starts and suddenly our iPhone turns off

We could also rely on a tool that comes with the iPhone that lets us know how healthy the battery is. As long as you can see the iPhone battery percentage that does not drop below 80%, it is considered to be in good condition. The device itself will give us an indication when something is wrong. If we go to "Settings" in the " Battery ”And then on“ Battery status ”we can find the information.

The best alternative for our battery

Taking into account the above, and if we already consider that it needs to be calibrated, we begin to carry out this process, which is, by the way, quite simple. The first thing we will do is connect our device to the charger and wait for it to reach the 100% of its charge. Then, use the mobile phone normally, while it is still connected, for a period of two to three hours.

Now the goal is download it completely. To do this, we unplug the iPhone and continue to use it as we do regularly, although some fear that it may cause the cell phone battery to explode while charging. Try to open applications that consume a lot of power so that they are downloaded as soon as possible. Once turned off, it must be left in this state for a period of approximately 6 hours.

After this time, it we reconnect to the charger and wait 6 hours the battery recharges. Keep in mind that during this time it must remain off, so we will get a full charge. By completing the hours you will be able to calibrate the battery of your iPhone phone and you will see the difficulties you presented with it diminish.

Among the advantages that we can have by practicing this action on the battery is the possibility of knowing what the real state of its charge is. Furthermore, it will give you a longer life which will allow that, in the hours you use your device, you can have better performance in battery life. It should be borne in mind that, depending on the wear and tear of the battery, the process will be more effective or less.

We all like that the battery charge of ours  iPhone last a long time. In this post we have shown how to calibrate the iPhone phone battery so that the charge lasts longer and so to speak give it some oxygen to help it perform better. Was the information useful to you? Please let us know by leaving your comment.

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