How to cancel Apple Music auto-renewing subscription from iPhone

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There are some platforms that offer streaming services, so that their users can enjoy the best visual and musical content. On this occasion we will talk about Apple Music, which can also be installed on Android and in a short time caused a sensation.

But for many this is not the case, which is why we have brought you the following article which will teach you how to cancel my Apple Music auto-renewal subscription from iPhone.

The service has a extensive catalog, although it will all depend on the music you like, because in some styles there is not much variety. But it can be said, from the acceptance that users show for this service that it has met the expectations. But if there are some very noticeable shortcomings that can lead you to cancel your subscription.

Among the shortcomings that can be highlighted on the Apple Music service is the large number of options it has and it is not known for sure what they work for. Or the interface that leaves a lot to be desired, for whatever reason there are users who want cancel your Apple Music auto-renewing subscription.

Carrying out this deletion may seem difficult to do, but nothing is further from reality and we will show you that it is as simple as deleting multiple contacts at once, so below we will show you what you need to do to cancel my Apple Music auto renewal subscription from iPhone.

How to cancel Apple Music auto-renewing subscription from iPhone

As we have already said,  cancel my Apple Music auto-renewing subscription from iPhone. It can be very easy, and for that we need to follow a few simple steps. First of all we will go to our iPhone and open the Music app.

After doing that, let's go to the top left and click on a person's icon. This action will take us to a new window and in it we will choose the option See Apple ID. There is a possibility that you will ask us to enter the password dell’ID Apple, in which case we will do it in order to enter.

Next, we will scroll down to the Subscribers section and select the Manage option, for this we will press it. Here we will find the renewal options, we can appreciate that it offers us several options among which are. Renewals individuals, family members and automatic.

To disable Apple Music auto-renewal from iPhone

Under this option you can see a little information "To cancel your subscription, disable the renewal option automatic. Your free trial will continue until… “and show you a date. Then we have to proceed with the cancellation, for this we go to the right side of the Automatic renewal option and click on the toggle.

After doing that, we need to slide it to the right and the switch will change color, indicating that this option has been disabled. And therefore, we have canceled the automatic renewal of the application Apple Music. As you can see, doing this is very simple and it won't take you more than a minute to do it.

It is also important to say that many users want to turn off automatic renewal, in order not to make payments, after using the application for free. And it has nothing to do with its functionality or that the App does not meet the expected expectations. It is simply for avoid charges, as it is a streaming platform.

And so we end up with a new tutorial, very didactic, easy to do, without complications. To help you solve a problem that sure was driving you crazy and was how to cancel my Apple Music auto-renewal subscription from iPhone. We hope you can perform and continue learning about the fascinating advances in technology.

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