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Xiaomi mobile devices have undoubtedly achieved one great popularity in the smartphone industry thanks to their efficient system and striking design, as well as being considered a good purchase option when you need to buy a new phone, as it has the best values ​​in terms of quality and price.

The Xiaomi brand has also managed to develop various devices and accessories that can be connected and connected to their smartphones, as in the case of own Airdots wireless headphones, which offer a quick and easy pairing system with any mobile device, both Android and iOS.

Also, Xiaomi phones they have a very amazing operating system and which at the same time has a great variety of functions able to satisfy most of the needs of users who use a device of this same brand.

We're talking about del sistema MIUI which is installed by default on all Xiaomi branded Android phones, allowing users to perform various tasks and improving the functionality of the device.

To start using this system and access all the functions of your device you will need to create an account on the MIUI platform, normally this is done in the initial configuration of the phone, or otherwise you can also do it via the device settings.

However, there is a feature that very few users are unaware of and that involves acquiring a long or wide screen of the device content.

What are panoramic screenshots on Xiaomi devices?

Panoramic screen captures are the captures that are made stretched of a specific content, in case we want to capture a page we can capture the entire content of that page, unlike normal captures which are simply a photo of what was seen on the device screen at that precise moment.

Performing this function is not something from another world, but if you need that before updating your phone software to the latest version, in this case update the MIUI system on your Xiaomi device so as not to have problems performing this panoramic capture action, to make this capture you can follow the steps that we will show you later.

In what situation are panoramic screenshots usually used?

Like common screen captures, panoramic screen captures are made to save some information or images without having to be directly where they were obtained.

The difference is that panoramic screenshots have the ability to save a larger image than ordinary screenshots, as common screenshots only cover what is currently visible, while in panoramic screenshots you can scroll and capture that image it is not fully visible at that time.

These types of captures are usually made in images or written with a very broad content where you need to scroll to get all the information, for example on web pages, digital book pages, among others.

Take a panoramic screenshot on your Xiaomi phone

  • The first thing you should do is make a normal capture of the page you want, for this you can slide your three fingers from top to bottom on your device, or you can also find the option to capture the screen in the taskbar that appears when you swipe the screen from top to bottom.
  • Once acquired lo screenshot, in the right corner of the screen will be displayed a preview of the screenshot.
  • Click on the image of the capture you made to access the options and actions of the same image
  • Among the options that appear, we will have to select one that says "move" in order to lengthen the capture made.
  • After pressing on the option to move the screen capture function, it will start recording the same screen vertically, at this point we can let it automatically perform the panoramic capture or we can also speed up the process by sliding the screen down
  • Once the screen capture process is finished, click the button «Fine» to save the image
  • And ready! We can see the result of our widescreen capture and similarly we can get all the information we need from a page with a single capture

There is also a function in Xiaomi devices that allows us to record screen in real time, this is known as screen sharing, which will allow us to record everything we are doing on the device.

To be able to enable this option we will have to access the taskbar by sliding the top panel down, then we search among the functions that we can perform the one that says "Screen Recorder", when you press on this the screen recording process will start automatically from our device.

With this action you will be able to record all the actions that are performed on the phone screen, to finish the video we will have to press on the red button located in the lower right part, once saved we can find the video in the gallery.

How to take a panoramic screenshot on different models

We can capture an overview screen in any of the different Xiaomi models, that's enough update the operating system, if necessary, take a snapshot in the common mode and then press the "scroll" option. It will automatically start recording the screen where you can swipe until you reach the point where you collect the image or information you need.

Then you can find this screenshot in the folder where screenshots are normally saved. In case your Xiaomi does not have this option, you can download an application from the Play Store which allows you to take panoramic screenshots.

Widescreen capture on Xiaomi Redmi Note 8

Basically it is the same procedure to perform from any other Xiaomi model, as this option is available for computers with the MIUI 11 operating system onwards.

Without the need to download an additional application, we can capture a larger capture of the necessary content and automatically save it as a common screen capture.

To achieve this, we first access the control panel where the option to capture the screen is located, or we use any other method, such as shortcut buttons for this. Once the traditional capture is done, click on the "move" option and you will be able to move and focus all necessary content to appear on the screen capture.

Scrolling screenshot on Xiaomi Redmi Note 9

Likewise, mentioned earlier, this Xiaomi model comes with this built-in capability from the factory, there is no need to update the operating system or download extra applications. However, we can always use the Play Store and download an application to take screenshots with the swipe if necessary.

In general, this sliding screen capture function has no problem in Xiaomi models, yes recommends using the built-in option by default.

What to do if it is not possible to take panoramic screenshots on your Xiaomi?

This feature is built into the Xiaomi, however, like everything else, it may sometimes not work as well as we would like, it may be slow or the captures are not saved when you take them. We can correct this from the Xiaomi configuration panel, in the screenshot option.

Within this option we can customize the way we want to use to take a screenshot and memorize it. If the problems persist, we can simply download an additional application to take panoramic screenshots from the Play Store.

App to take long screenshots on your Xiaomi

These applications are simple and generally quick to download. They allow you to capture the screen and scroll so that any required information or images remain on it. Some of the most popular and efficient are:

Long shot

It is one of the most downloaded applications for this purpose. Since it's totally free, it can be obtained easily in the Play Store, doesn't take up much space in your Xiaomi's memory, and it's super easy to use.

To take a panoramic screenshot with Longshot you just have to download it from the Play Store and install it, once this is done the same application at the first start will guide you to some settings where you will have to activate the option «automatic scrolling»..

Then from the window that opens, you will go to the web page you want to capture and scroll until you collect everything you need, you start capturing the screen when you press the floating "Start" button and finish when you press the orange button "Finish here" and proceed with saving the widescreen capture.

Long screen shot

This application to take panoramic screenshots is another favorite of Xiaomi users. With this application you can capture anything you need, swiping up and down so that LongScreenshot later converts it to an image and saves it in your Xiaomi's gallery.

LongScreenshot can be downloaded for free from the Play Store. And once installed, you just have to accept the registration permissions of the application and activate the floating button to take panoramic screenshots at any time. To start recording, press the floating button, slide the screen so that the content is captured and when finished press the floating button again and wait for it to generate the stretched image and then be saved.

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