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Taking screenshots on mobile devices is very simple, but if you want to use this method on your Apple Watch it is possible and you will be surprised at how easy and fast it is. In this post you will learn how to make or take a screenshot on apple watch?

How to capture or capture a screenshot in Apple Watch?

Unlike mobile devices, on Apple Watch you need to activate the screen capture function in the settings of your iPhone device ; If you don't activate this feature, you will never be able to take a screenshot.

  • Activate screen:

  1. Open the Apple Watch app.
  2. Click on the tab "My watch" and select "General".
  3. Then turn on the option “Consenti screenshot” ; This is done by moving the switch to the right, when it is active it will be green.

If at any time you want to turn off the screen capture of your watch, you need to follow the previous steps 1 and 2; In step 3 you have to drag the switch to the left and you will know it is inactive because the switch will be gray.

  • Take a screenshot:

  1. To take screenshots is required to press simultaneously for a few seconds the side button (button of power on) and the digital crown. While you have to keep in mind that this is a matter of practice, you may not be able to take the capture on the first try.
  2. The screen will be blank for a few seconds, this will indicate that the capture was successful. You can also hear the noise of a camera.

Taking the first few screenshots can be difficult; but, afterwards it will be so simple that you will not stop doing it. Something that will help you during the shot is to hold the watch firmlyso it doesn't slip while you press the power button and digital crown.

It is important that you know that your watch screenshots will go to your iPhone's photo album immediately. But if you want these images to be available on your watch, you need to make some changes.

  • Sync iPhone Albums with Apple Watch:

Syncing an album from your iPhone with the watch will help you to view screenshots smoothly on your Apple Watch. We will show you the steps you need to follow to achieve this:

  1. Log into the Watch app on your mobile device.
  2. Go to the section "Photo Gallery" and then press "Synchronized albums".
  3. Now you have to choose the album you want to sync, it will be easier if you create an album just to sync the captures you want to have available on your Apple Watch.

Tricks to get the most out of your Apple Watch:

  • Activate theater mode ; This feature will come in handy when you go to the cinema, theater or are in a dark room; since, the clock light will not disturb.
  • When you have theater mode active and you want to see the time; You have to turn the digital crown slowly, this will help the screen light up gradually.
  • If you swipe from right to left or left to right from the edge of the screen, you will be able to switch faces.
  • You can wear yours Apple Watch on any wrist, you just need to change the orientation from your iPhone device.
  • Your watch will receive notifications from all the apps you have installed on your Apple Watch; but you can adjust this feature to only receive notifications from the applications you are interested in, this setup is done by your iPhone.
  • If you don't know where you left your phone with your Apple Watch, you can find your lost or stolen iPhone; (the phone must be paired with the watch).
  • What you should do is the following, slide your finger up to bring up the control center; therefore, you have to press the call icon to make your mobile ring, it will sound even if it is silent.
  • You can also connect your AirPods to your Apple Watch to conveniently listen to music and all kinds of audio content.
  • Another option you have is to take photos with your Apple Watch's camera.

You are now ready to start taking all kinds of screenshots with your Apple Watch.

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