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Likee, the most powerful rival TikTok has right now, has several really cool features. Undoubtedly, this has allowed it to reach a gigantic number of users in many parts of the world. So now we will explain how to exchange seeds for diamonds on Likee. This will help you increase your popularity within this growing social network!

Are you new to the platform? Remember that you must first change your Like ID so that all your friends can find you more easily. With an eye-catching ID and lots of diamonds, you'll have everything you need to get lots of Likee followers.

Then you can exchange your diamonds for seeds on Likee

Then you can change the suits into diamonds on Likee

First of all, you need to be clear that the Diamonds are a Likee currency that is obtained with real money. On the other hand, suits are a different currency that is won through temporary contests and other events within the application.

On Likee, you can get diamonds from $ 1,08 (42 diamonds) to $ 101,45 (5000 diamonds). With this element of the social network, you can give gifts to the users you like most to let them know that they are special or collect them and then exchange them for real money. Of course, Likee takes about a month to make payments to bank accounts. No doubt this is due to the large number of users who currently use this platform to obtain an economic advantage.

Exchange your seeds for diamonds in seconds

When you have seeds, exchanging them for diamonds is a really simple process. If you have some pips accumulated in your account and want to get diamonds, you need to do the following:

Changing seeds into diamonds on Likee is very simple

  • The first step is to log into your profile by tapping the icon on the top left. If you are signed in to Likee with your Google account, the initial letter of your name will be displayed. Still don't know how to join this social network? Then check out this article which explains everything about creating a Likee account.
  • When you are in your profile, look for the section that says portfolio.
  • Once you are in your wallet, you will have two tabs available (one for diamonds and one for seeds). Go to the one with the seeds to make the change.
  • Click where it says trade diamonds, select the amount of seeds you want to trade and see how many diamonds you could get with the exchange. In case it suits you, make the change and that's it. It's so easy to change suits into diamonds on Likee!

Did you understand? Making this currency exchange on the short video social network is literally child's play. However, the your only challenge will be finding events or competitions on Likee that allow you to earn seeds. Try to be very careful with YouTube and with the social networks Facebook or Twitter so that you can get seeds frequently. Also remember to always be aware of everything that is posted on Likee because many of these opportunities to earn seeds are right there within the application.

As you have to imagine, changing seeds into diamonds is a simple thing. If you accumulate several seeds, it won't take you 10 minutes to change them into diamonds. And you, would you like to carry out this process?

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