How to change font or letter size in all cells in Excel

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You always learn new things with Excel; for example if you have a chart you can count or sum the number of cells with color in Excel, or if you have a table of different values ​​you can easily convert the measures in Microsoft Excel.

Today we are going to teach you some basic Excel functions, to change font in Excel and make the most of its use.

How can I change the font and font size in Excel?

Performing this task is a lot easy and simple, you just need to follow the steps provided below and you will become an expert in minutes, let's see:

  1. First you need to enter the Excel.
  2. At the top of Excel, in the bar multifunction «Start» of the bar of instruments, you should go to the font part and choose the font that suits you best; can choose the font size and also change the font in the same way. This way you can put the letters in bold and italics.
  3. If you want to change a single cell, you just need to stop clicking that cell and then go to the previous steps. And if, on the other hand, you want to change all the letters in the cells, you need to shade them and follow step by step the same way.

This way you can change the font size in Excel cells.

How can I resize cells in Excel?

It is very simple to change the size of cells in Excel in the same way, let's see:

long part:

  • Once in the Excel window, you need to determine if what you want is change the width or height of your box.
  • If you just want to change the width of your box, click on it.
  • Positioned in the cells, at the top leave the cursor on the right side until you see the cross sign, once the segno appears, left click and use the mouse to move to the side you want to change to make it larger or smaller than said box.

high part:

  1. Change the top it's very simple, you have to position yourself in the part where the numbers are on the left side, then you have to position yourself at the bottom of the corresponding row until the cross symbol appears.
  2. You have to give it with the left click until it comes lengthened or shortened, when it's the size you want you just have to stop clicking.
  3. This way you will edit the top of your Excel pane.

How can I create a table in Excel?

You will learn very quickly let's see:

  1. Enter your Excel sheet and enter the data that the table will contain.
  2. Shade all cells so that they work, for example from cell A1 to L1.
  3. Click on "Merge and center" that appears on the toolbar. In this way, several cells will become one. You can increase the font size or change the font as we learned at the beginning.
  4. So we have to go to the tool "Fill color" and choose the one that best suits your table.
  5. To name and center the boxes, you need to make a new selection, but this time it will be from A2 to L2 and you will use the "adjust text" tool; you can also choose the font size.
  6. Now let's just adjust the column width, let's save the Excel document And that's it.

As you can see, Excel is easy to use and now that you know how to change the font size in Excel, the next step will be to learn how to apply styles or formats to a table or cell in Excel. Don't wait any longer and innovate with this useful tool adapted to your needs.

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