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There are always details in the interface of our mobile that we do not like or that we would like to change, but many times these are related to the source programming of our mobile phone's operating system and are difficult to modify. For this reason, programs have been created that allow you to modify these characteristics.

For the iOS system of the iPhone cellphones, there are some modifications or applications created by the developers that use the repositories or sources of the native operating system of our cellphone to modify certain characteristics. These applications can be found in Cydia, the jailbreak application store.

These changes allow us to add new features to our mobile system that are not originally available. To change the name of the operator or the manager of your iPhone, the Zeppelin twek is available which will help you to make this change on your mobile screen in an easy and simple way.

Install Zeppelin on your iPhone to change your carrier name

To install the twek we refer to, devi before install the Cydia store on your iPhone. Depending on the version of your mobile iOS operating system, the way to install it varies slightly. But it is a simple process that will allow you to have access to innovative applications for your iPhone. Also, if you wish, you can update your iPhone or iPad to the latest version of the iOS system.

Then, log into the application and in the search box type “Zeppelin”, click on the first option that appears. In the upper right part of the screen, press “Install” and confirm in the dialog box that appears on the screen. Finally, you will need to restart the lock screen.

automatically, you will see how your operator name changes on the screen for the Batman symbol, which is the default option applied by the twek once installed. But, of course, you can change it to your liking and preference as we will explain below.

Change my operator / operator name with Zeppelin

After successfully installing the Zeppelin twek, you can now very easily customize your operator / operator logo or name. To do this, go to your iPhone's application menu and enter “Settings”.

Then, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and select the "Zeppelin" icon. On the next screen, you need to activate the twek by selecting the "Enabled" option. In the second option, under “Enabled” you will see a list of icons or symbols that you can use on the screen instead of your carrier / carrier name.

Simply select the one you like best and you will see how it looks on screen, replacing your boring operator name with an original logo. If you want to get more symbols or logos you can easily download them from Cydia by searching for “Zeppelin Pack”.

Also, you can choose to write a text to change the name of your operator o telephone operator in the status bar of your iPhone. To do this, go to the top right and press "Carrier Text". In the text box that will appear on the screen, you can enter the text you prefer to appear instead of your operator's name. At the end press “Save”.

Next, you will have to deactivate the twek in the “Enabled” option and you will see how the text you have written appears at the top of the screen where the name of your operator or operator was defaulted. In this way you can customize your mobile without complications by changing the name of your operator / manager on the iPhone.

Take advantage of all the variety of apps and tweks that the Cydia store offers you to add great features to your iPhone. Customize your mobile phone interface in an original way and get the most out of the iOS operating system with these innovative programs.

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