How to change or remove the background of photos with the PicsArt application

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As soon as you are done selecting the photo, the photo editor will open; where you will have a wide variety of options to tweak different details that they can improve the quality of photography.

In this opportunity you have to scroll down the menu until you get the option " Cut out "Click and go to the section where it will show you two options" Vertical "Or" Manual selection ".

The option " HD Portrait "Generally make a fairly correct selection, you can keep this crop if you wish or improve it with" Manual selection ".


You can work with one of the two, use whichever you prefer or combine them in such a way that you can select them in maximum detail.

After defining the area you want to crop, you just have to save it and you will have created an image in PNG that you can use to place it on a background.

If you want to change instead of removing the background of photos with the PicsArt application, it is also possible. You just have to start by clicking on the option " + ”And selecting the image you want to use as a background.

Once displayed in the photo editor, you need to locate the option " Add photo " in the bottom menu and click on it.

With this new photo you will have to do the steps that we have already explained above; and then remove the background from the photos with the PicsArt application; so you can mount it on a new, fresher background or use it to create an eye-catching post.

You can also edit this new image using PicsArt filters and text generators; succeeding in create a project that is tailored enough for you and that meets your expectations. One of the favorite effects of this app is being able to put a blurry background.

Is PicsArt the best application for this task?

In general, PicsArt has headed with its latest updates towards a wide range of options and the best thing is that it is all in one.

A fairly compact app that helps reduce the need to download several to get a single photo and also allows us to create content for our Social Network; in the case of Influencer, Instagramer or Blogger.


Its interface allows us to work on the details, thus making each edition very efficient, avoiding the hassle of seeing our images badly edited, without the need to use large tools on our computers.

Thanks to its large number of effects, lighting options, text, creation of new features, among other qualities; PicsArt will become an indispensable app for our smartphones.

Finally I hope this article has clarified your doubts; and it will be of great help to you to make those incredible photos that we all want for our social networks.

One of the most used apps for its effects and filters is Instagram. Instagram is a recognized social network characterized by uploading photos, that's why it has tools to edit your photos or with filters - special effects, to make your publications more fun, sophisticated and original.

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