How to change the default font or typeface in a Word document

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How do I start editing text in Microsoft Word?

The first thing you should do when creating is edit a text within Word, which we have already created, is to select said text. At this point we have to specifically choose the fragment of text we want change. When the fraction of the text we want to change has been selected, we can make the following changes:

  1. You need to start by selecting the text to change, then without removing said selection which will be shown in blue, choose the change you want to make: size of font, font, color or any special selection etc.
  2. You can see this text editor at the top of the document and there you will see letters, numbers, character name, text position, etc.
  3. If you have any kind of doubt about the function of each of the icons, you just have to move the mouse over that icon. There you will see information about the icon and what its function is.
  4. How to change the font or body titles

Word has various settings that are set by default so that the entire document has the correct structure with respect to the fonts of the document body and title.

To do this, you have to enter the bar " Card styles »Which you will find in the bar» Home »Of the document and there we will select what type of text we want for our document.

Change the default font in Word

Also for this step, you need to enter the Home tab and access the tools there " Source «, When you click on it, you will see that an arrow will appear which will appear in the lower right corner. There you will see a window that offers you several options.

If you focus on the top, you can also change the font, its style and its size. If you go to the bottom you will find several options on the font color, stressed, italics and bold. It should be noted that it will also be possible to edit your Word document via your mobile.

What are the changes that can be made to a text?

One of the most interesting things when we use the tool Microsoft Word is that it allows and facilitates different accesses with which we can make many changes within a text. Some may seem more common to you, but it's always a good idea to review them:

  • Text alignment: this option allows us to give the text a much more accurate and professional look, depending on its intention. Among the options we have the alignment on one side, center it or justify it.
  • Bold, italic and underline: these are three useful and vital options when writing documents on this platform. With bold we can highlight a text, the italics gli gives a much more sophisticated style and elementary underlining to give a face to our titles.
  • Font, size and color: With the character, we can change the character inside the text. Size and color will also be involved in this, which in one way or another will give the text a different look.
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