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How to change WhatsApp font style on my iPhone in just a few steps

With WhatsApp you can change the font style that you use to write in a chat message or in a status you share. Therefore, you can choose to change the font style by adding italics, bold, strikethrough words or creating a monospace between the letters of the text.

To add boldface to the WhatsApp letter on your iPhone, enter the settings from the app. Then go to the section » Screen and brightness »And scroll to the end of this menu where you will find «Bold text». To activate this font, simply activate the function by sliding the break to the right. You should also know that you can apply these steps to write on WhatsApp web from an iOS computer.

To format your messages or status as text, you just need to enter some commands between the text you want to write. We explain what you need to put in each case:

  • Italic: _text_
  • Bold text *
  • Strikethrough: ~ text ~
  • Monospace: «` text «`

You can also combine formats and insert more than one in each text. Just add them in the reverse order you did in the beginning. So, for example, if you first added the code for bold and then italics, at the end of the text write italics first and then bold. We show you how:


If you want to add more remember to follow the order. If you add all the codes it will be as follows:

_ * ~ «` Text «` ~ * _

You can also choose shortcuts you have by long-pressing the text. A small option menu will appear where you can select text, copy text and names in bold, italic, strikethrough or monospaced.

How to change the font size on my iPhone quickly and easily

To change the font size of the letter of your iPhone device, access the app and then click on the three dots menu you have at the top of the screen to configure WhatsApp Messenger.

From there, access the submenu " Settings ". Find the section "Screen and brightness" from the list of options you have. Then, on the new screen, find and click «Text size ". You have to slide your finger on the horizontal line to adjust the size of the text.

If you want to reduce the font size, slide your finger left or right if you want to increase the font size.

You can change the font size not only for WhatsApp, but for the entire device. To do this, go to the application menu of your mobile and enter "Settings" represented by the gear icon.

From there look for the submenu «Display> Text Size» from there slide your finger to the left if you want to make the character smaller or to the right to make it larger.

As you can see, it is very easy to learn a change the font of WhatsApp on my iPhone. If you have any questions with this tutorial, remember that you can leave us your comment below so we can help you.

You can also visit our page See how it's done where we periodically upload content on technological tutorials. There you can find everything you need to know about your iPhone device to get the most out of its functions.

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