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The S Health app is a tool for measure health parameters, Samsung users have this awesome technology. If you want to know more about what S Health is and how it can be used, keep reading this article.

How to change the language in the S Health app from English to Spanish?

First of all, what we need to do before configuring an application is to get to know it; the app Samsung Health o S Health it is a tool that must be studied. The main task of a Samsung user is to know his device in order to understand it.

S health is a default application on Samsung branded mobile phones, and as such, it has one preset configuration for all users of this brand. For this reason, you may have a language configured in S Health from the country where the device was assembled.

To modify this configuration we only have to follow a few simple steps, there is no need to complicate the realization of a configuration as simple as this. What we recommend at the beginning is as simple as changing the language of the Android phone without programs, that is, through the system settings in general. 

For example, since the settings on this brand are identical for all devices, you can try changing the language of your Samsung as if it were a Galaxy S10. This is what it is known as Samsung tricks.

Once this general setting was changed, the language should have been changed in Samsung Health; however, this is not always the case and we can apply another procedure. You will have to go at mobile applications and enter S Health, enter the "language" section and put Spanish as an option.

What is the S Health app for?

The previously applied application may not work immediately, however, we recommend that you restart the phone in so that this change takes place when you re-enter. What is needed is to change the language as soon as possible, so that you can understand the application and what it is for.

This app, which goes a little beyond the language, is really very good. We always tend to look at the default mobile apps with a little suspicion and even indifference, and in fact many are in excess and do not serve our interests.

However, this is not the case with S Health, an application that may become necessary if we stop and think about it. Samsung Health has a variety of tools for the Samsung user: Keep track of your overall health in various ways.

By connecting or synchronizing with a Smartwatch to the Samsung phone, or even with the sensors placed on the Retro of the same phone, S Health is used to monitor the hours of sleep, the steps taken at a certain time, heart rate, typical sedentary habits and diet.

How do I get the S Health app for other devices?

In addition to the parameters that Samsung Health can control and measure, this application has other peculiarities. In other words, it is a software with multiple functions and with a versatility that for many is necessary in their daily life.

One important thing to note is that many users have the misconception that this application only works for Samsung users ; The truth is that the reality is different and it would be silly if it could only be used in phones of this brand.

At first it was an application reserved for this mobile phone brand, but this is no longer the case. The software of this application can be obtained by other means, and even, from the same official stores of more well-known applications such as the Play Store e l’App Store, that is, it is no longer a trick only from Samsung.

And if we go further these operating systems, you don't need to have them to download S Health, and you can also download and install the Play Store on phones of any brand.

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