How to Change the Language on a T500 Smartwatch to Spanish - Complete Guide

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As you know, there are different charging ports for phones, different browsers that will depend on the region, applications that will not work in all countries, but if there is something that does not change, it is the operation of the equipment. However, something that isn't universal in regards to these teams is the language in which they are used. 

Years ago, digital language was mainly based on English or programming language, as computers were not something universal, so they were used by people trained for it. Nowadays, being something so universal, it makes sense that there are many different countries and languages ​​and for these devices to be used to the fullest, they must be able to cover the needs of all users. Fortunately, today the vast majority of devices have 95% of the official languages ​​spoken in the world.

How to set the language from your mobile with the Wear OS by Google app?

Wear Os is a software created by Google for manage the use of equipment such as Smartwatches or other types of body accessories. It is very easy to configure all aspects of our SmartWatch from this application. Today we will focus on knowing how to configure the language.

First of all, we need to make sure that we have installed the application correctly. After checking it, we will open the “Wear Os” application and proceed with the configuration. Once this option has been selected, the clock will be selected directly from the application, in order to connect it. You can then, following the instructions provided on the watch, configure the language of the watch.

Why is the language locked by default and how is it unlocked?

The language is not necessarily blocked, but if that is true by default, the most of these devices are configured in English, that's why we can do 2 things to change the language of these devices. First, if we want to configure them from English to Spanish, we can do it directly from the device, by entering 'configuration' and changing the language from there.

The other way to change the language is from the Wear Os application, through which we can reach other languages, in addition to those previously mentioned. In this way we can carry out a much more comprehensive management of our Smartwatch.

What languages ​​are available on my T500 Smartwatch?

This watch supports several languages, which are generally listed as some of the "most spoken languages ​​in the world". Supports: Spanish, English, Russian, Portuguese, French, Italian, Hebrew, Polish, Turkish, Indonesian, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, etc.

But generally, these teams are run mostly in English. You can access these languages ​​by configuring your SmartWatch both from the device and from the Wear Os application installed on your mobile.

Where can I find the T500 Smartwatch manual in Spanish?

This user manual is not difficult to find, just select the box that the SmartWatch enters to find the physical manual. Inside this manual, we can find all the necessary instructions, in different languages, including Spanish. Now, if for some reason we don't have this manual, or if you bought the watch second hand, you can also find it online. 

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