How to change the size of the icons in your Xiaomi

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Today we will show you how you can change the size of the icons on your Xiaomi, a feature that the Chinese company has recently introduced in its terminals thanks to MIUI 11, and that gives users a bit more control over the appearance of the terminal device, particularly in the launcher.

Xiaomi has always been committed to allowing users to customize certain aspects of their devices, and this is further proof that, yes, he has been waiting for a long time and that we finally have here. And today we will show you how you can use it to your liking.

Then you can change the size of the icons in MIUI

Xiaomi has released an update to its launcher that allows us to change the size of the icons at will, without changing the size of the entire interface. So to speak, it is the same setting that we could find in Nova Launcher or other similar applications. Doing so is extremely easy and can be summarized in four simple steps:

  • Press and hold your finger on a free space in the launcher
  • When the menu opens, click "Other"
  • Once you are in the main screen settings, click on Icon size
  • Select the size in which you want the startup icons to appear

As you can see, this is an interface change that can come in handy for many users, especially if the we combine with the possibility that we must also change the icons that appear in each row and column of the launcher, which allows us to square the perfect size to make it look beautiful aesthetically.

What to do if this option does not appear?

As we said, it is an option that Xiaomi recently introduced for its launcher in MIUI 11, and this means that for us to have this option available we must have the updated launcher application, something that is done in a very simple way and won't take a couple of minutes. The process is as follows:

  • Go to settings
  • Tap Update System App
  • Find System Launcher and click Update or click Update All

In this way, the launcher will be updated to its latest version and, hopefully, it will allow you both to change the size of the different icons that are shown inside it, and to change aspects such as the presence or not of the application box. , as we can choose whether to use it or if we want all applications to be available in the launcher, as happens in Apple terminals.

In addition to this, MIUI 11 has some rather interesting additions that we have already told you about, such as the possibility of ordering icons by shaking the terminal or pulling out a floating ball to handle the mobile with one hand at any time. And, since Xiaomi offers such a refined level of customization, the least we users can do is take advantage of it.

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