How to change the type of letter on whatsapp

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One of the things we like most about Android is, among many other things, the its infinite customization possibilities, something that cannot be done, for example, with other operating systems such as iOS. We are not just talking about changing the wallpaper or icons thanks to a launcher - we always recommend the wonderful Nova Launcher - but also many other elements of our smartphone.

To achieve complete customization, we previously had to root our mobile terminals, which although it wasn't complicated based on the model we had, could bring some other problems to less experienced users. Fortunately, root is no longer needed today since there are many apps and tools in the google app store that allow us to fully customize our mobile device.

And today we present you three applications that will allow us to change the font of WhatsApp. That is, thanks to these apps we will be able to customize the font style we use to talk to our contacts, adding a unique and rather funny touch. Most importantly, our contacts will also see that we write to them in a different font, so they will surely want to know how to do it too.

Change the font of your letter in WhatsApp with these applications

With these three applications we can customize the font that we use to talk on WhatsApp for example. Two of them its use is identical and the third is a keyboard but we will analyze it later. And how do they work? Just do it.

Really Fonts - Letters for Chat and BlueWords - Text Styles are two apps to change the text fonts of any app we use. That is, they also work for Telegram, Twitter, Instagram in addition to WhatsApp. Its use is really simple. We just have to install them for free, open them and enter the text we want in the dialog box. We will see how many different letters and styles appear, we just have to choose one, copy the modified text and paste it in the application to which we want to send it.

In practice it is a bit cumbersome, since we have to do these steps every time we want to change the font. Also, if they are long texts, the words end up out of place, so clearly it only works for short texts or single words, which can come in handy in some specific situations.

The third application solves the previous problem, since in this case is a keyboard that is used to directly change the character as we type. Its use is also really simple. Again, you just need to install the FancyKey keyboard for free in the Play Store and set it as the default keyboard with which we can type by choosing different types and letters.

Obviously FacyKey is a keyboard that has nothing to do with other better ones like the Google keyboard but to make our contacts funny or hesitant it is still a rather curious app.

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