How to Change Your Apple Watch Faces from iPhone - Step by Step Guide

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The Apple company has managed to distinguish itself among different companies for the high quality of each of its devices smartphones and other products, in addition to the great success of the iPhone mobile device, the company has managed to develop new devices and accessories that can improve the user experience when using any of its products.

One of the most innovative was undoubtedly the Airpods headphones, which are totally wireless headphones, that is, they can be connected to any iPhone mobile device and even to phones running Android via a Bluetooth connection which has also gotten various updates where it has managed to improve its sound effect and hearing aid design.

However, there is another device currently widely used for its high variety of functions and their great efficiency, we are talking about dell’Apple Watch.

What are Apple Watch Watches?

Apple Watches are smart watches that can perform various functions and will also be able to connect with your phone via bluetooth, with the Apple Watch on your wrist you can record all the workouts you do and even if you swim like Apple The watch devices have a waterproof system.

You will also be in able to answer messages and calls that arrive on your phone and even respond from your Apple Watch even if it is a notification from WhatsApp or any other messaging application you have downloaded on your phone

It should be noted that from the same smart watch you will be able to easily download various games and applications so that you can use from the same device at any time you want.

Several ways to create or customize my Apple Watch face

Apple Watches are also devices that offer various options for being able to customize its appearance, from different colors and types of straps to backgrounds and ai quadrants for watches, which are known as "Clock faces".

Change the sphere or face of your Apple Watch it is a very simple function and we can also perform it directly from our watch, for this we just have to press on the digital crow to turn on our Apple Watch and then press and hold the home screen, holding the screen for a while will minimize the image.

At this point you will have to swipe right to change the sphere with another one that is already installed by default on Apple Watch, you can also choose to customize the spheres so you can modify them to your liking To be more satisfied with the appearance of your Apple Watch, to start customizing the orbs on Apple Watch follow these steps

  1. The first thing you should do is turn on your Apple Watch by pressing the digital crow
  2. Long press on the screen to change the orbs
  3. Select the one you want to change and click the button 'customize'  to start editing the sphere
  4. Apply the desired changes in the sphere and press the raven type so that the changes can be saved

You can also download more watch faces via the application WATCH on your iOS or Android phone, as the same application has a large number of very amazing watch faces to install and use on your watch. There is also the alternative of sharing the spheres with other people in a very simple way

How the clock face gallery works

Its functioning does base mainly about having an easier and faster way to see all the spheres available that your watch has. This way, if you get one that is suddenly interesting and that you also have the option to customize it, you just need to quickly add it to your collection; And the best part is that you can do all of this from the gallery.

Similarly, something very relevant is that you can play around with the options it presents, such as making sure it is exactly the design you want, that you can change it or even when you click on a sphere you can choose what you want like color and style what you want me to wear.

Add spheres to my collection

You can create a totally personalized collection with the faces of your watch, even with many variations, you just need to follow a few steps that we will show you below:

  1. The first thing you need to do is go directly into a sphere and into that itself, you will have pressed it on the screen at the top.
  2. The second thing you will do is slide your finger to the left until you reach the end and you will eventually find the AGAIN button.
  3. Finally turn the Crow digital crown and click add.
  4. Ready so you will have your added sphere, after that you can log in to customize it to your liking as much as you want.

Remove the spheres from my collection

To eliminate them you also need to follow some steps for speed and safety. Initially you have to go to the active sphere and click on it on the screen, then you will go to the sphere you no longer want to keep in the sphere gallery and with your finger up, above it click delete.

It is important to note that it is not a permanent process. That is, you can add the sphere again. Also, there is another process for the my watch option just that you have to look for the my spheres option there where you hit Delete.

How can I get Shared Orbs online?

To get a sphere is via Imessages or Mail, also another way is via an Internet connection. Mostly you have to open a message or email in which it has a shared sphere.

As a second step, you need to click on the shared sphere and then you will give the option to add. Also in the new section you will press on the price of the app or yes click to download the app through the App Store. Likewise, you can also click on the option to continue without this app and you will have the shared sphere.

Share your Apple Watch orbs with your friends

  1. The first thing you should do is update the application Watch 7 on your phone to the latest version, to access its latest features
  2. Next, open the application and go to the sphere section
  3. Select the sphere you want to share and then click the " Share"  located in the corner at the top right of the screen
  4. Choose the application through which you want to send the sphere
  5. Select the person you want to send the sphere to
  6. And ready!

You can also share watch faces or watch faces directly from your Apple Watch, simply access the available watch faces section by holding down on the home screen, choose the one you want to send and click the share option, choose the contact you want to send him the ball and press send.

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