How to charge my T500 Smartwatch - First charge with or without charger

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However, one of the most common problems that happen to most of the people who decide to buy a T500 Smartwatch device concerns the first recharge. If this is your case, don't worry, in this article we will show you the correct way to charge your T500 Smartwatch.

How should the first charge of my T500 Smartwatch be?

When buying a Smartwatch T500 smart watch you have to keep in mind that when you charge it for the first time you have to do it correctly, for this you will have to grab the base of the charger and connect it to the watch, so that the charging pins are connected.

After placing the watch on the charger base, you can connect it to a power outlet, or you can also connect it to a charging device such as a laptop, a pc or you can connect it to a portable charger or a power bank.

How long is the normal time to charge a T500 Smartwatch?

Normally the T500 Smartwatch requires a charging time that yes it goes around 3 or 4 hours in order to have a full charge and you can have a continuous use of the device.

What factors do I need to check to make sure it is charging correctly?

When you connect it for charging you must check that the Smartwatch device is connected and that it is receiving a charge correctly, for this you can take into account the various warnings that the device gives when it receives a charge.

A lightning bolt will light up on the battery symbol

Normally these devices when they are connected to a charger and start receiving power show a change in the battery icon, if it changes color or just a lightning bolt symbol appears inside the battery icon. When this happens it means that the device is starting to receive a charge.

It will vibrate or a permanent light will come on

The T500 Smartwatch even when receiving a charge will issue a notice so you know it's in charge, this warning can be a short vibration, the screen turns on or a permanent light turns on during the time it is charging.

How to charge my smartwatch if i have lost the charger?

There are many cases in which people damage or lose the charger of the Smartwatch T500 watches, in these cases you will have to choose to buy another charger, both original of the T500 and generic, to be able to load it. You can find these chargers on the AliExpress online sales platform at very affordable prices.

Will continuing to charge my watch after charging is complete damage it?

This question is usually a great question for most people when charging a device, normally in mobile phones and smart watches there is usually not much trouble when letting it charge after 100% charging is complete, as in that moment the battery stops accepting charge.

The real problem comes when the charge drops to 99%, as it will reactivate the battery. This often causes battery problems in the long run and can in turn shorten battery life.

How long should my T500 smartwatch battery last?

Smartwatch T500 smart watches have been developed so that they can last 2 to 3 days of continuous use, so you don't have to worry about charging it daily. But only when it reaches a certain critical percentage on the battery.

Why is my Smartwatch not charging? How to fix it easily?

The Smartwatch T500 after a long period of use can start to have charging problems that can come from both the device itself and the charger. So before sending it to be repaired with a technician, follow the steps that we will show you below:

Connect and disconnect

Start by testing connecting and disconnecting the charger, from both the plug and the watch to determine if the problem is with the charger or the device, plug it into another outlet in case it won't charge.

Check that there is no interference such as dust, tape etc ...

Many times the problem can be due to an object obstructing between the charging pins of the device and the charger, check that this is not happening and clean both sides with a cloth in case the problem is dust.

Make sure it's well connected

Before plugging it in, check that the charging pins of both the charger and the watch match and connect correctly, when you place the watch on the charger base can also try applying some pressure to be able to merge them correctly.

What alternative to recharging my Smartwatch do I have if it does not charge?

In case none of the above methods were helpful to you, you can choose to resort to other resources in which to charge your T500 Smartwatch device.

Use a removable rechargeable battery

One option is buy him a removable rechargeable battery to replace the one in the device and see if it works. On the AliExpress platform, you can get various types of rechargeable batteries that can be used to charge T500 Smartwatch devices.

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