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How to invoice your UBER trips?

Invoicing your travel might be more important than you thought, did you know that you can request an invoice from Uber? This can help you check yours transport costs per day with your boss and will also serve to subtract from your tax return; If you are self-employed, it can help you reduce the cost of your tax return.

Just enter the page and enter the UBER section of the tax profile ; In this menu you can register, verify or configure your tax information, you can also create different profiles for each payment method you have registered and activate invoices automatically or manually for these profiles.

You just have to enter the page with the same username and password you use to enter the application, then go to the my trips tab; click and select the trip for which you want to generate the invoice , in the section see details, then in the one that says request an invoice; Finally, the invoice will be sent to your email within a maximum period of 24 hours. 

How do I register my billing information?

You will have two ways to generate your invoices automatically or manually and the first thing you should do is create a tax profile. To do this, log in to the UBER portal with your email or the phone number you registered with UBER, with the user password at the time of login.

Go to the top right corner where a drop down menu will appear and select the profile settings tab and from there go to the tax profile option.

When you select create, you must enter the data they ask you, such as the name or the name of the company (which applies to companies), the address, as well as the federal register of taxpayers and the methods of payment; credit or debit card details or if it is in cash; at this point is where you choose if you prefer UBER generate bills di automatic or manual mode.

If you find it more convenient to receive the UBER invoice automatically, all the trips you make with the selected payment method will generate an automatic invoice, which will arrive by post; and if you choose the manual instead, that is only when you request it, you will have to enter the page and choose for which specific trip you want to generate the invoice. 

Keep your tax information up to date

Make sure you verify that the information provided in the tax profile is correct for each payment method and that the travel fee you have made has been paid in full; Remember that Gift Vouchers, invitations and promotions are not billed .

If the trip you have taken has been paid for in full with one of these options, the invoice will not be able to be generated; Now, if it has been partially paid, the invoice will show the amount paid with the payment method with which the trip was registered.

We hope you can familiarize yourself with this new mode, know how it works and how to use UBER; Then you can later deliver UBER or Uber RFC invoices to your clientele, wherever and whenever you want, and even declare your taxes or tax regime in Uber.

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