How to check the status of a hard drive for errors

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But we have to be aware and check every now and then if it has any mistakes. Many times they can be repaired and kept running for a few years with the same HDD.

How to check the status of my hard drive with CHKDSK

  • The first thing we're going to do is go to “The my team "Or" This team ”And then we'll have to right-click and click on the“ Properties ”option.
  • Once we are in "Properties", what we should do is go to the "Tools" tab.
  • Now what we're going to do is hit the button that says "Check" which has a shield icon.
  • Start examining and it will tell us if the hard drive has any kind of error. However, it only serves to diagnose and we won't be able to fix anything from here.
  • So in case we find an error, what we will do is press "Start" and then we will write “cmd” in the results, “Command Prompt” will appear, right click on it and press “Run as administrator”.
  • So, close any kind of program that you have open on your computer.
  • After that you will need to write the letter of the drive you want to repair: chkdsk "Letter" "Parameter". Where we put "Letter" should go "c:" or "d:" depends on the drive letter.
  • Where we write "parameter" should go "/ f" if what we want is to fix disk errors. In case we want to fix errors in the disk sector instead of " f "We will have to put" /r ".
  • It would look like this: chkdsk c: / f o chkdsk c: / r

How to check and fix hard drive status with WMIC

  • Another method is to directly use the command prompt as an administrator. Just go to the beginning, then type " DCM ”And open the command prompt as an administrator.
  • The first command you will need to type is " WMIC ".
  • After that we will have to write " diskdrive get status ".
  • If the hard disk is " OK “, Only that word will appear in the command window, so you won't have any kind of problem.

Check and repair hard drive with CrystalDiskMark

If you don't want to deal with command windows. So you can use CrystalDiskMark to solve any kind of problem you have. This tool is quite useful because we can check the status and speed of our hard drive in terms of writing and reading.

The hard drive has to go at a certain speed. This means that if the speed is lower, something strange is happening and you may have some other problem on your hands.

Hard disk information with CrystalDiskInfo

We also have a tool called CrystalDiskInfo, they are not the same as it gives us detailed information on everything about our hard drive, while in the previous case it could be said that it is a kind of benchmark.

With this interesting tool we can easily see it health status of the hard drive. Along with more interesting information we can take advantage of.

If you look up it tells you the discs you have and whether they are in good condition or not. It is an interface that is too simple but useful and above all precise, ideal for those who want to quickly know the status of their hard disk without thinking too much about it.

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