How to clear my activity history in my iPhone applications?

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All this data is stored in the memory of our mobile, in what is called the history. And because it does, the device saves this data in case you want to repeat a search, whether for the website, contact number or messages, has them at your fingertips. But sometimes we want this history not to be defeated by others and we want to erase it.

In Apple branded devices and in particular in iPhones we can delete forever the history of different Apps. And then we will show you how to do it in a simple way, as well as how you would do it to free up space in the internal memory of my iPhone.

How to clear my activity history in my iPhone applications?

In the following article we will show you a very simple guide that will allow you to clear my activity history in my iPhone applications. But we must first specify what we want to delete and from which applications. In case you want to permanently delete all your activities related to Google services, these are normally saved in your account.

To delete this history, you need to log into the Gmail application from yours iPhone, the next thing you should do is look for the icon with three horizontal lines and press there. This action will generate a menu and choose the Settings option. Then you will look for the Your account option and then select Manage your Google account.

In this window you have to select Data and personalization, here you will see different sections and Activity and history you have to click on the option My activity.

In this window you need to go to the top right and click three dots icon. Delete activity by will appear and in Delete by date you will see an arrow pointing down, press it, then Always and finally Delete.

How to clear my activity history in Chrome

The first thing you will do is open the application from your phone, then at the top you will find the three dot icon that you need to press it and then select Settings. In this window you have to search and choose the Privacy option. You will now find a new menu but you need to select the option Clear history of navigation, then you will be asked to confirm.

Then you need to click on the Delete All option. With this action you will delete all data you have in your browsing history. Such as cookies, cache data, pages visited, etc. You should also select the Delete AutoFill Forms option, this will prevent suggestions from appearing.

Erase all data

There is a slightly more extreme way to clear the history of all applications and data stored on your iPhone. But then you need to set it up again, to do this you need to do the following.

Go to the main screen and select the Settings app, then to access the general phone options you will choose the General option. Scroll to the bottom and select the Reset option, now you will see a Delete all content and settings option, you need to click on it, now confirm this action.

All you need to do is wait for the mobile reset to happen, this process will take some time to complete. At the end you will be shown the Initial Configuration window, now what you have to do is to do the configuration operations as you did the first time. If you have a backup, restore it from iCloud or iTunes.

In this way we have finished this short tutorial which showed you some existing ways to do this and with simple steps we show you how to delete my activity history in my iPhone applications.

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