How to close all open Safari tabs on iPad or iPhone

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As always, we must be connected to the network to communicate with our contacts or visit websites of our choice.

We need to have a browser that offers us features that help us search smoothly and keep as many windows open as possible, but this can sometimes become a real problem. The situation gets worse if we can't constantly update the Safari browser.

Sometimes we want to activate functions that we don't know how to use and therefore we don't wonder what we should do to fix it. It is common to delete cookies and web history, as a solution to failures not only in the browser, but also in the mobile phone itself.

How to close all open Safari tabs on iPad or iPhone

This browser, if you know it better, can offer you alternatives that may seem interesting to you. Is that the Safari browser has some hidden tricks with which you can have access to certain very practical functions.

Among them is the hidden mode, in this way you can browse without your device being tracked or activate the reading mode, both functions allow you to take care of your sight. But there is also another handy function, which you can use at any time and is the close all open windows at the same time.

The fact that this feature is not well known does not mean that it is difficult to use and that it is overlooked by most users. There are only a few steps that will allow you to keep the Safari search engine tabs with no more windows open and then we will tell you what you should do to do it.

Simple steps to close all open Safari tabs on iPad or iPhone

This procedure will work perfectly on your iPad device, as on the iPhone, as we are going to make changes in the configuration of the Safari browser. Once we are in the application we will go directly to the bottom right, to access the menu. There we will find an icon that has two frames.

This icon, if pressed, will allow us to make one query about windows that are open. Well, what we need to do is hold this icon down for a few seconds, until a menu pops up. This will give us information about the possibility that exists so that the user can close the windows at once.

This is like a warning message, in case the user has pressed this option by mistake and the windows are not closed at the same time. If the user is satisfied to continue this operation, they should click on the option and the tab will now be shown blank. This will indicate that the action was performed without any problems and that all tabs have been closed.

If among the pages that were open in the browser and that have now been closed, there was one that you would like to review because you think it is important. You can look for it in yours browsing history, as all the pages you have previously opened are stored there.

In this way we have completed this article which has shown you one useful function of the browser, among many it has, such as installing extensions in safari. While they are not well known, an article like these will help you get to know them. And so you can tell your friends how to close all open Safari tabs on iPad or iPhone.

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