How to close all or more applications on my iPhone at the same time - Quick and easy

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How to close all apps on iPhone

  • Press the button increase and decrease of volume, then press the power button. You can see that the option to turn off our device appears on the screen.
  • Now if you press the " Home »And hold it down for a few moments while you are on that screen, you will see that you will return to the main screen of the iOS icon.
  • In theory, nothing seems to have happened. However, iOS has taken care of deleting or closing all applications that were in the background.
  • If you now press the button twice " Home «, You will see that there are no applications open. And every time you open an app it may take a little longer to open it since it has been completely closed.

You've already closed the applications you had open, but sometimes background applications go undetected and stay open, so you'll want to make sure you close them.

In case you have an iPhone X where the button " Home " It's disappeared. What you should do is the following:

  • We scroll from the bottom and hold the finger to be able activate in this way the multitasking on our device.
  • You have to keep pressing the app you want to close until a red button appears above it. Press this button to close the app. If you want to make it easier, you can slide it up.

The problem is that on iPhone X and later it is not possible to close all applications at the same time and this is something that was done on purpose by Apple.

Because there is no need to close applications on the iPhone

There is no need to close the applications you have on your device if your intention is to save battery or RAM. Since I am " Frozen »Therefore their impact is zero in terms of battery and RAM.

But we also save a good amount of battery and RAM by having them running in the background. Every time we open a new app, it takes a little longer than normal, longer than if it were in the background. This is because the system will have to load all the resources needed to reopen it and this consumes.

Therefore, if we close all applications and then have to reopen them, we are forcing the system to fully load the app again, which would have the opposite effect to what we want to achieve: save battery and RAM.

If you do this often enough, it will drain more battery than you can imagine. It is always advisable to leave apps in the background as they do not consume resources of any kind.

The only time it's really good to close an application is when it stops responding or when we are completely sure that we will not use it for a long time.

Therefore, it is more than evident that closing all applications on your device is not something that helps you to save battery. It's also something that makes you use a lot more battery than you imagine.

We hope you enjoy this simple tutorial on how to close all or more applications at the same time on my iPhone is quick and easy for you. And that in turn the clarification as to why you shouldn't do this will be as clear as possible.

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