How to completely uninstall Apache server with command line?

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If you are the lucky owner of a website, you need to know what a web server is and its existing types, among which Apache stands out. This server hosts at least 46% of the world's websites. For this very reason, knowing how to use it is essential, so with that in mind today you will see How to completely uninstall Apache server with command line? And knowing how to remove or remove programs that can't be removed is as important as learning how to install it, because if you can perfectly handle both, you'll have no problem using it whenever you want.

How to completely uninstall Apache server with command line?

Now, before you start reading the following, please note that the tutorial will be divided into several parts, because to uninstall the Apache server you have to use several methods, a depending on the operating system it is running on and how it was installed.

The first that will be shown to you today so that you can achieve the goal of completely uninstalling the Apache server with the command line, is the uninstall method in Linux if you have installed Apache from source code. Remember that you can remove Linux applications whenever you want. Don't be discouraged!

To achieve this, you have to go up «Application» of the operating system and select «System Tool» or » Useful info «, One of them will open the terminal. In it, enter the command su (which will allow you to change the root user).


Then a enter the command "/etc/init.d/httpd stop", this action will stop the Apache server, therefore insert "Rm-rf / usr / local / apache2", this will delete the program directory. Finally, click on "Exit" and that's it. By doing this you will have already managed to completely eliminate Apache from your system.

Remember that you can re-download it whenever you want without any problem (there shouldn't be an error for having had it before). In fact, in case you are an Ubuntu user, installing Apache 2 on Ubuntu will be easy, this is the new version that is great.

Linux installed with the RPM package

In case you have installed Apache on Linux with the RPM package, you will have to go back to a terminal window and enter the command su in it. Followed by that, put "/etc/init.d/httpd stop".

Once all this is done, Apache will be stopped, so don't you just have to put «rpm-e apache-«, with this command the program will come completely eliminated from your computer, then the last step is to click on «Exit» to Return to the main screen.

How to uninstall the Apache server from Windows

To achieve this, you must first open a command window, you can do it by going to "All Programs" and from there to "Accessories", once you have your line active, enter the command «cd C: Programmi Apache Group Apache2 bin «, this will take you to the Apache installation directory.


Then put "apache k uninstall", which will completely remove the service from your computer automatically, so now you just have to go to the control panel inside your PC. In it, open «Add / remove programs» and inside look for the option called «Apache HTTP Server», when you see it, click on «Remove» and that's it. With that there will certainly be no trace of the Apaches.

Now that you know all of this, there is nothing else you can learn for today, so you can tell the question How to completely uninstall Apache server with command line? , received a full response.

Remember that this program is very good, so you shouldn't switch to another (in case these are your plans when you uninstall it), you just need to learn how to use it by looking for guides to help you make the most of it.

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