How to completely uninstall OneNote from my PC step by step

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Surely you've been able to create calendars or calendar templates in OneNote. However, when you no longer need this tool, you can learn step by step how to completely uninstall OneNote from my PC. This way, you can completely remove the application so that it doesn't appear in the start menu.

What is OneNote?

OneNote is a free program developed by the Microsoft company, which works like a small one block notes. With it we can easily memorize thoughts, events and various contents very easily.

The application is characterized by offering the possibility to create notes typing with our keyboard or by hand. Likewise, you can add various multimedia contents, which is why it is a very useful tool for anyone who needs a capable notepad.

The OneNote application has a full version included in the Microsoft Office suite. However, we also have a more basic version that is present in distributions of Windows 10. In fact, users can convert a OneNote file to Word using a very simple process.

Although the application may be useful for many people, others don't find it interesting, so it would be better remove it completely. If in doubt, we recommend that you read the information we have prepared for you in the following guide.

How to completely uninstall OneNote from my PC step by step

You can choose to know various methods for remove the default OneNote application. One of the most recommended is using the start menu. In the next tutorial we will also show you another way in case the start menu function is not functional for you.

Using the start menu

OneNote is an application that comes by default in Windows 10. For this reason it will appear in the so-called start menu. In turn, it will be possible to delete them using the functions provided by this classic Windows menu.

To remove the OneNote application as easily as possible, go to the start menu and locate the interactive software icon. All you have to do when you find the app is right click on it and select the “Uninstall” option. This way, the program should be properly removed from your computer.

This mode will also be useful for deleting other applications by default in the operating system, which is why it is the method that we most recommend in case you want to permanently delete these annoying applications that you may never be able to use. Also, make sure you prevent Windows 10 from installing apps from the store without permission.

10 App Manager

Sometimes we need to know how to uninstall a program in Windows that cannot be removed. In this case, the application 10 AppsManager it is particularly useful to very easily delete all those programs installed by default in Windows 10. Therefore, we can permanently remove OneNote.

To use the 10 AppsManager application, you need to download it, for this you can access the following link 10appsmanager Windows 10. Locate the text “10AppsManager 2 for Windows 10” and click on it to download this little program.

The process for using the software couldn't be simpler. All you need to do is run the program and select the applications you want to remove from. This time you have to locate OneNote, once you find it, click on it and then on the button "Yup". Subsequently, the program will notify you that the application has been successfully deleted.

Without a doubt, 10 AppsManager is perhaps the simplest method for delete easily all those applications installed by default in Windows.

We recommend this application in case it is not possible to delete them by other means. Also, in case you regret your decision, you also have the option to reinstall applications, since the software costs. provides this option.

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