How to configure FitPro on your Smartwatch T500 - Features and alternatives

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The success of these smart watches has led several companies to decide to develop their own application which has been adapted to the T500 Smartwatch, allowing the user to have a better experience while using these devices.

Some of these applications will enable certain functions of your T500 Smartwatch that you may not know you have and allow you to have better personalization on your device, so that you can have a better experience when using them.

What features does the T500 Smartwatch have to offer?

The T500 Smartwatch does not have the same number of options to perform as the Apple Watch smart watches, however they have many of the most important functions used by users, among the main functions we can find:

Heart rate, sleep and blood pressure monitor

With T500 Smartwatch devices you will be able to receive various data regarding your health, as it has the function of measuring heart rate, blood pressure and also provides the option to monitor sleep, which can help a lot when it is time to go to sleep, as we can have accurate information on how you sleep, in order to improve sleep and rest better.

Calls, messages, camera, bluetooth, calendar and stopwatch

It also has several tools that can be very useful in everyday life, as it has the function of stopwatch, calendar, camera and also allows you to receive notifications from text messages or from applications such as WhatsApp or Instagram. What's more, you can receive and make calls from the same T500 Smartwatch device without having to take your mobile phone out of your pocket.

How to download and install the FitPro app for the T500 Smartwatch?

FitPro is a useful health application providing the user with information about their well-being, monitoring various aspects of your life so that you can be healthier and also offers some sports modes so that you are aware of your performance based on the time to get some exercise.

The FitPro application was developed by the Chinese company "Shenzhen Jusheng Intelligent Technology Co."  which allows easy pairing between your T500 smartwatch and your mobile phone, using a bluetooth connection.

To be able to download it, you can simply search for it through the official Google Play Store, where it is totally free for all users, once you have downloaded and installed the application on your mobile, enter it to start the connection process, choose the option to add the device and turn on Bluetooth. Once the name and icon of your T500 Smartwatch are displayed, press on it so that it can establish a Bluetooth connection and both devices can synchronize.

What other apps are there as FitPro alternatives?

However, the FitPro application is not the only app developed to be able to connect your T500 Smartwatch device to your mobile phone, it should also be noted that not all devices are compatible with this application, so there are several alternatives to this same application, among which we can find:

Look at the Droid phone

Through the Watch Droid Phone application you can perform various functions with your T500 Smartwatch device that you should normally do with your phone. With Watch Droid Phone you can control the music being played on your phone from your Smartwatch, receive notifications from messaging applications and you can also send files, all through the T500 Smartwatch.

To start using this application, you will need to download it from Google Play Store e , once installed on your mobile device, you will need to open it and start configuring your T500 Smartwatch so that it is connected to your mobile phone.

This application has a modern and simple style, so that it becomes more comfortable for all users while using and in addition, through this application you can also change the sphere of your T500 Smartwatch for the image you want.


HiWatch is the default application of some T500 Smartwatch devices, which offers all the main basic device options, such as receiving notifications from messaging apps, sleep monitoring, heart rate monitoring and various information about physical activity when you want to play sports.

This application is very easy to download, you can choose to manually search for it in the official Google Play Store, or you can also download it by scanning the QR code that the T500 Smartwatch gives you from your phone.

To do this, access the section that says application, from your Smartwatch T500 device, where a QR code will appear which, scanned with your phone, will redirect you to a link for downloading an application in the Google Play Store.

Download the application and then enter it to start the linking process. Select the option to add a device, turn on Bluetooth and click on the T500 Smartwatch icon to be able to pair it.

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