How to configure or customize the buttons of my Xiaomi Mi Band?

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This has several aspects to making it happen, so this handy guide shows you how customize buttons of the Xiaomi Mi Band.

What is the purpose of configuring the buttons of the Xiaomi Mi Band?

Many times you are used to the standard configuration of the strap you purchased, but you have taken a liking to a specific function which is to the end of the application list.

This can be annoying for the user, as they have to go back through the list to find and use it.

Ideally, the person could go directly to what it needs to enter without having to search too much in the utilities menu.

The same goes for the block. With the hustle and bustle of being conglomerate somewhere, the band may have been tampered with for one reason or another and some important settings have been changed.

And while it may seem like a minor problem, it's not ideal that it needs to be solved repeatedly if you are someone who is in constant contact with these situations.

This is where both the button configuration is located Xiaomi Mi Band that the implementation of the blocking option.

Configure the Mi Band screen lock button

First of all, to perform any customization or configuration on the strap, you need to download and install the Mi Fit application on your mobile.

As a next step, you have to enter the App and log in, with a Google account or with a Mi, it can also be obtained with Facebook and other options.

This will cause the app to proceed to the connection and synchronization of profile data, after which it will load a bit before login.

Next, it will ask for the relevant permissions that need to be accepted and then the main program screen will appear, which will contain the data collected by the band.

Similarly, there will be three tabs at the bottom, in which there will be a so-called " Profile "Which can be accessed by clicking on it.

There will be an option that allows you to associate a band to the program, by means of a " Add device ", Represented by the symbol" Other ".

In this way it will be reported in " Bracelet "Among all the options it shows and then in" Accept ”In the message that follows.

Then, click on " I got it ”And the permissions are accepted again. So that you can proceed to search for the device and then it will pair correctly.

Therefore, entering " Profile "The device model will appear which, if pressed, will show a series of available options, and the second will be" Screen lock ".

Then you will have to click on " Go to configuration "And there it will show all your favorite block forms, ranging from" Fingerprint ID "," Facial unblocking "Or" Pins and keys ".

Configure and customize the order of the Mi Band buttons

The ability to change the order and customize the buttons of the Xiaomi Mi Band is obtained through the configuration section which was previously accessed.

So, let's go back up "Profile" and select the device name to access its options. So, in " Screen Adjustment ".

The list of band utilities will appear, which can be changed in order by holding down your finger and moving them for consideration among the other applications available to the device.

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