How to connect a Bluetooth keyboard on an Android tablet?

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This type of keyboard, unlike normal ones, does not have any type of cable, since its connection method is based on a wireless system, so you need to follow some steps to start using it.

Steps to be performed from the Tablet

To begin with, the Tablet we will use must have the Bluetooth function activated, since without it we will not be able to find the keyboard signal.

You shouldn't be, you just have to click on the icon " Settings "Or" Settings ”To open the window.

Then, select the option for connections " Bluetooth ". On some computers, it is usually found within a section " Connectivity " or something similar.

Within this section you will see the slide button with which the function is activated and deactivated, make sure it is on to proceed to the next step to connect a Bluetooth keyboard on an Android Tablet.

On the other hand, you can also adjust the functionality of this wireless connection from your device's quick settings panel. Also remember that you have one of the most recent versions of the Android operating system.

Connecting the Bluetooth keyboard to a tablet

After activated Bluetooth on your Android Tablet, you can proceed to connect the devices, for which the keyboard must be turned on.

Some of these devices will have automatic wireless signal activation mode, while others will have a button with the Bluetooth symbol.

It is necessary to leave the latter pressed until the keyboard indicates that it has activated the function, generally a light will start to flash (on and off).

Next, go to the Bluetooth settings section on your Android Tablet, so that you can access the list of other available wireless devices.

In it, you can find the element for your keyboard, if not, click " fence device ". Keep in mind that both teams have a limited time in which they keep these services active, so it is advisable to do this at the same time.

When you tap the device for connect the Bluetooth keyboard with the Android Tablet, the procedure may be sufficient to make the connection. But, for some add-ons of this type, you will have to perform another step, which will be just to write a code from the keyboard that will be provided to you on the Tablet screen.

It is usually numeric and contains only 6 digits, type them and then press " Submit ”To complete the connection. To indicate that it was an effective procedure, the Tablet will display a message indicating that the new wireless device was able to connect.

What to do if you were already using the keyboard on another device

To successfully pair the Bluetooth keyboard on an Android Tablet, you must make sure it is not paired with any other equipment.

For example, if you synced it to a computer (which is the most common use) you will need to disconnect it on that device before you can proceed. Likewise, it is advisable to turn the keyboard off and on again later.

Why is it necessary? Because you will not be able to connect the keyboard if it is connected to another device or if it keeps looking for the signal from it.

Keyboard options

Once you have successfully synchronized the Bluetooth keyboard on a Tablet, it is possible make some basic adjustments on it. To do this, you will need to go to the corresponding settings section and place the keyboard element, as well as the edit buttons that will be next to it.

In this sense, you can determine if you want both computers to automatically connect every time they are turned on. You can change the display name of the wireless keyboard if you need a specific title to make it easier to locate.

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