How to connect a Samsung J2 Prime J5 J7 or J7 Prime to my TV

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The versatility of mid-range and high-end smartphones is such that it provides us with a large number of options. Whether in operation or in connection, it is time to enjoy the contents we have on our mobile, on the TV screen. So now you can get the maximum from the pictures and from the videos you recorded on your Samsung.

To do this, we have several tricks that will allow you to connect your mobile very easily to the TV in your room or living room.

We have already shown you how to install channels like HBO or Disney Plus on your TV in a very simple way. But now we will show you how to connect a Samsung J2 Prime, J5, J7 or J7 Prime to my TV.

How to connect a Samsung J2 Prime to my TV

Unfortunately, mobile devices like the Samsung j2 prime they have no Smart View and therefore could be synchronized with our TV in real time. Without using cables and just having an internet connection. If they were high-end mobiles we wouldn't have this problem, but don't worry we will connect it the same way.

So what we will do to connect the Samsung J2 Prime to the TV it will be via a cable, but we don't even have an HDMI port. In this case, we will use an adapter that you will need to purchase. This will have a microUSB input and an HDMI and MHL output so you can easily connect your Samsung J2 Prime.

And the best thing is that with this adapter you will not need your TV to have a Smart TV, as with the use of this adapter you can connect it to any TV. And you don't even need to have an internet connection. This way of connecting, while very simple, will limit you to using cables and is something many of us avoid doing.

How to connect a Samsung J5, J7 or J7 Prime to my TV

These devices, unlike the Samsung J2, have an HDMI connection, so using such a cable you can connect it to the TV. And that way you won't need to do any kind of configuration, just plug it in and you're done. But we will have the same drawback that we mentioned above and the use of cables.

If we want to establish a wireless connection, we have to use an application called Miracast. With it, images and videos they can be transmitted very easily and to use it we need to do the following. You need to slide the home screen down so that you can see the Settings options.

Now here you have to search by sliding the Smart View option left or right, when you find it you have to press it. This action will generate an automatic search for those devices it can connect with.

If your TV has the same features as your mobile, you will have no problem connecting, just wait for the name of your TV to appear and you will be connected.

If your TV has Smart TV, you need to do the following, go to the notification panel and you will select Screen Mirror or Smart View.

When we find the option we are looking for, we must select it and both devices must be connected to the same WiFi connection. So that in a very simple way our devices connect without problems.

And in this simple way we have learned a very simple way to  connect a Samsung J2 Prime, J5, J7 or J7 Prime to my TV. So that we can see all the content that is on our mobile phones, with the big screen we have at home.

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