How to connect an iPad to the Internet via an Ethernet port

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For most connoisseurs of these types of devices, they will tell you that this procedure is impossible to carry out, since the iPads do not have an Ethernet port. And this is true and therefore it cannot be connected directly to the network or even to the Router. But this tutorial will show you that there is a way, not that simple but possible, to connect it.

Today there are so many tricks that allow connections that previously seemed impossible to do or something crazy just thinking about it. Our articles are meant to show you everything you need to learn more and troubleshoot, including why you can't update your iPad.

How to connect an iPad to the Internet via an Ethernet port

This is possible, thanks to the iPad versatility, as we showed you that it can also work as an external monitor.

To begin with, we will use the cable with which the device is charged or connected to the PC. This adapter is called Apple's Camera Connection Kit, but it is technically known as adattatore da Lightning a USB 3.

Using this adapter, you can wire other peripherals such as a mouse or keyboard. But other connections can be made with this type of adapter, as long as they are compatible with the iPad. And this same cable is what we're going to use to connect to an Ethernet port.

Before continuing, it is important to make a clarification between the previous camera connection kit and the new and improved Lightning to USB 3 adapter. enables high-speed data transfer. It also allows you to connect it to the power outlet via the Lightning port so that the iPad can be charged while in use.

Steps to connect an iPad to the Internet via an Ethernet port

This type of cable is useful for being able to connect with an Ethernet cable, since these they need power supply to function. Therefore it is recommended to use the Apple USB Ethernet Adapter, model MC704LL / A. Because other types of adapters, whether they are from another manufacturer or from older models, may not work properly.

Once we have this type of connector in hand, the first step we will take is to connect the Lightning to USB 3 adapter to the iPad. Once done, we will move on to the next step and this is Plug the lightning output adapter into a wall outlet, this adapter is provided by the iPad.

As we have already mentioned, it is important that a constant flow of electricity is maintained once this connection is made. We will then move on to connect the iPad USB 3 adapter to the USB to Ethernet adapter and finally you will need to connect it via an Ethernet cable to the internet and that way it should work without any problem.

And in this way we have shown you a way to make these kinds of network connections, but it is important to have the correct cables on hand to do so.

Remember that you will always need to connect it to the mains. And voila, thanks to this tutorial you already know how to connect an iPad to the internet via an ethernet port.

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