How to connect your Michael Kors smartwatch to your Android or iPhone mobile phone

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one of the most elegant accessories around are the watches, whether you are going to an important event or a party with your friends, it gives you a certain style. That's why there were phone companies who chose to create an accessory like watches, but in a more modern way.

Smartwatches or Smartwatches, more than an accessory, are a tool that has become very popular due to the large number of functions they offer, such as, for example, you can answer calls through it without having to touch the phone among many things. more. Here you will see how can you sync it with your phone in so that you can enjoy it in the best way.

What is the procedure to follow to connect Smartwatch and mobile phone?

If you have just purchased a Smartwatch and you want to know how to connect it to your phone for exploit it at best, here you will see how to do it from any operating system you use, both iOS and Android.

For reciprocal links, it is necessary install the Michael Kors app from the Play Store. If you have an iPhone make sure you have Wear OS installed so you can sync them.

Your Android

With Android phones, as we have already told you, you will go to the Play Store and download the Michael Kors Access app. After installation, you will slide the screen from the top to lower the notification bar. You will enter Bluetooth and activate it. Now take and turn on your Smartwatch on the side button, for this it must be fully charged.

Then, you will log into the "Michael Kors Access" app and, just when you do, the app will start a search for a watch to connect to. That is why we recommend that you keep the Smartwatch close to your phone. Now, on the mobile screen you will see the name of your watch, the 'Help' option will appear, click on that button and the application will indicate the other steps to follow.

With iPhone

On iPhone phones it is a little easier to sync your Smartwatch, because the Wear OS application is already pre-installed on the mobile phone. After your Smartwatch is fully charged you will turn it on and on your phone you will look for the Bluetooth option in the settings and you will activate it.

Now you will open the Wear OS application and it will start searching for your Smartwatch. You must have the watch next to the phone to be found by the application. After finding it, some sort of password will appear on the screen that it must match that of your Smartwatch. If they are the same, click the "Connect" button and then they will already be connected.

How can you configure your Michael Kors Smartwatch?

There is one thing we all have in common and it is that we are not always satisfied with the factory settings that a device brings, but we try to customize and adjust them to our liking. That is why you want to know how you will be able to configure your Michael Kors Smartwatch.

To change the watch faces

The spheres or themes of our watch are one of the ways to personalize a Smartwatch. This can be changed from the the Access Michael Kors application on your Android or in the Wear OS app if it's iPhone. At the top of the screen is the “More” option. From there you will see an option that says “Clock Screens”, there will be different screen styles you may like.

From the same watch can also change wallpapers, you just have to hold the screen for one, two or three seconds and you will be able to slide the screen left or right so that the wallpapers are displayed and you will press the key you want to leave fixed.

Use WhatsApp

In order for you to see your WhatsApp from your Smartwatch, you must also enter the application corresponding to your watch, it depends on the phone you have, iOS or Android. You are about to click on the “More” option and when you enter there you will enter the “Notifications” option. Inside there will be every app that can be connected to your watch and there will be Whatsapp WhatsApp.

When you press it, you have to enable notifications on your mobile. In this way, the messages that arrive on your phone's WhatsApp will be displayed on your watch.

Enable notifications

To activate general notifications on your Smartwatch you must also enter the application for your watch. You will click on “More”, then on “Notifications” and then on each of the apps from which you want to receive the different notifications on your Michael Kors watch.

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