How to control a PC remotely from an Android mobile

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How to control a PC remotely from an Android mobile

To perform this action you need to have an application installed on your android mobile which can be used to control your PC remotely. You can even control your PC with your Android remotely without internet. So we will mention some of these applications that will allow you to perfectly control the information contained in your PC.

Check your device: TeamViewer and Join.Me

If what you want is a fairly complete control of your PC from your Android mobile, one of these two applications is indicated.

On the one hand, you can install TeamViewer on your PC or laptop, this is one of the most loved and used PC remote control applications. This is because it has many interesting and useful features, such as the ability to use multiple computers in remote at the same time if you wish. Also, you can log into the PC from your mobile phone to put it in stop, turn it off, among other similar options.

You will be able to import data, watch movies in Full HD, broadcast live and use the applications you have on your PC from the comfort of your Android phone.

Now, if we talk about Join.Me, has a certain resemblance to the previously named app, because with this you can too turn off or suspend the your PC. By having this application on your mobile, you can enjoy its online chat box and you can even make one video call with up to 10 people.

Something very beneficial about this app is that if you have Android 5.0 or later, you can share your screen, to see the other person's screen and yours at the same time!

Accuracy and Security: Chrome Remote Desktop and VNC Viewer

If what you want is a neat app, why not choose Chrome's Remote Desktop? This app is also very safe and reliable. To have it you must have the Google Chrome browser on your PC and add the extension inside.

Once you have all of this, you will log in with a authentication code and then you can enjoy the various functions of your PC on your Android phone and also screen sharing and other benefits. And the most important thing is that it is a free service.

One app you can use to control your PC remotely is to download and install VNC Viewer as a server on your computer. We can save several very positive aspects, first of all the fact that it is a service that you can use without paying absolutely anything (at least for the basic service). This program gives you access to various operating systems and in terms of security it has a high level, since it is possible block those who log into the system illegally and connections have very good encryption.

Advantages of remote control of a PC from an Android mobile

At the beginning of this article you were presented with a general situation, i.e. you need information from your PC but you are far from it. This is not an isolated case or a situation far from reality, since it is true that you will not have your PC always near, but something that you always have at hand is your mobile phone.

This is much smaller and easier to carry, never go out without it. So, if one way or another you manage to controllare the PC from your Android mobile will result in something beneficial for you. Since you can access and share the fillet and other information on your PC from the comfort of your mobile phone, great, right? You can also turn off the computer from your android mobile, keeping your comfort effectively.

So don't waste any more time and connect your PC to your Android mobile so that wherever you go you will have your PC with you on your phone, you will control your PC remotely!

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