How to convert a digital ebook to any format for free

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Although the eBook is a better format for reading, the PDF is most popular for its compatibility with almost all devices. There are also eReaders that are not compatible with other eBook formats, such as the Kindle.

While Kindle is one of the best eReader brands on the market today, its weakness is its incompatibility with various eBook formats. Thankfully it has evolved and the newer models are compatible with multiple formats.

How to convert a digital book to any format?

The problem of compatibility between formats can be solved by converting an eBook to any other format. Exist online and desktop applications that you can use to make the switch.

Change format with a desktop app

If you are passionate about reading and own an eReader, you will surely know Caliber. This program is the most used to convert any format. It is highly recommended for people who have Kindle, because after converting you can upload the file directly to your device. This application is free and available on Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

Download Caliber from its official website and then install. The installation process is quite simple and intuitive, it will just ask you that type of eReader you use. It's just to serve more accurately, but if you don't have an eReader or don't know the model you have, nothing happens.

The next step is in adding the digital book in the application. You can do this by clicking on the Add Books button, at the top right of the application. The good thing about Caliber is that it recognizes almost all reading formats.

When the book loads into the main screen, you select it with a single click and press the button Convert books. You have the option to convert just one book or convert several at the same time.

Choose the output format you want and preview what the final file looks like on the screen. The configuration options available to the application are already very specific. From the cover and book metadata, to the type of device the output format is intended for.

If you are an advanced user you can go further and configure the settings in more detail. But if you don't know how the application works with the output format selection it is enough to have good results.

Change format online

In case you don't want to install an application on your PC, there are several online tools to convert an eBook to any other format. One of the most popular options is online conversion.

In addition to eBooks, you can convert images, audio, video, among other available options. The eBook formats available are: AZW, EPub, FB2, LIT, LRF, MOBI, PDB, PDF and TCR.

To do the conversion you have to upload the file directly from your PC, via a URL, from Dropbox or from Google Drive. Then select the output format. Finally, add the book data such as name, author, source and the eReader where the file will be used.  The conversion is almost instant and the final result is satisfactory.

Most used formats

EPub. It is one of the most used digital book formats. It is an open source standard for publishing e-books. Its advantage is that it is compatible with almost all devices.

MOBI. It is based on the Open Book standard and is one of the few formats supported by Kindle eReaders.

AZW. It is the type of format used for Kindle devices. Only Amazon-branded devices support this format.

PDF. While not an eBook format, it is one of the most used to read due to its compatibility with multiple devices.

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