How to convert a normal low quality photo to HDR format - Quick and easy

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Other than that, there is the edition. There is no point in taking professional photos with an Android mobile phone camera, for example, but you can make some adjustments, apply filters and even stickers to make the photo really perfect for our style and preferences.

Today there are many photography apps, to change the format and to increase the quality giving it the look of professional photos. In this article, you will learn what an HDR file is and how to open it easily, as this format has become very popular, and you will learn how to apply it to your picture quality normal or JPG.

What is HDR and what is it for?

HDR (High Dynamic Range) o HDRI (High Dynamic Range Imaging) photography is a technique used to cover the greatest number of exposure levels. That is, in very dark images, the HDR or High Dynamic Range format is responsible for their correction.

In other words, when there are areas of the photograph that are very light and others that are very dark, HDR ensures that the whole image appears uniform and therefore all areas are perfectly exposed.

You should know that many high-end smartphones have this option included. HDR mode takes three photos instead of one for highlight the different exposures to light and then, using the software, he brings out the best in each and results in a perfect photograph.

This technology allows images to appear so realistic that they are compared to what our eye sees rather than what our cell phone usually captures.

However, like any program, you need to know when it is convenient to use it and when not. For example, it is preferable not to use it in photos with a lot of contrast since this type of photography has a looks best with rich colors between dark and light areas.

It should also be avoided in moving images or images with very vivid colors as this option will eventually wash them out. However, it is perfect for landscape photography, bright images, bright sun portraits, or indoor photography.

How to convert a low quality photo into one in HDR format?

As already mentioned, almost any phone can snap photo in HDR format, but if you want to convert a photo that has already been taken in common format to HDR format, you will need to use an external application.

There are several apps for doing this manually. You can use Lightroom, Photoshop or other phone apps like Snapseed which allow you to create a fairly similar effect.

In this post you will learn how to do this with Photoshop. And if you want to know how to lighten a dark photo in Photoshop, you can read this article.

Let's see a step by step to convert them to HDR

Step 1

The first thing to do is to choose the photo you want to edit. To do this, after opening Photoshop, go to " Fillet "And then on" apri «.

Step 2

To press " Ctrl + 0 »To adjust the image on the screen and then press the« Image »,« Adjustments »,« Shadows and highlights »tab.

3 pass

Although the amount of shadow and lighting is up to you, depending on the image, you can use 50% in both categories to get a good result. Awards » Ctrl + j »To duplicate the layer and double click on it plus« OK »to unlock it.

4 pass

In level 1, go to «Image», «Adjustments», «Desaturate». Then, in the category located just above the levels, in the "Normal" section, choose the option " Overlap ". Duplicate layer 0 and place the new layer called " Copy level 0 »Above the rest of the levels.

5 pass

Once in that level, press "Filters", "More", " Pass high ". Although the radius value is up to you, you can use 66. In the same tab where you overlaid the layers, choose the "Soft Light" option. And voila, you will have an image with an HDR look.

If you want to download Photoshop to start editing your photos, you can do it from the program's official website.

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