How to convert an XPS file to a PDF file online for free

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On this occasion, we are faced with the question: How is it possible to transform an XPS file into PDF? When it comes to requesting it for work or immediate problems and not knowing how this action is performed, you may find yourself in difficulty, but no more.

Through this article, we will explain step by step how to perform this online business and which will help you get out of trouble. Like other alternatives you can use to perform this format conversion for free and easy to use.

Do you know what an XPS format is and its features?

There are different types of text file extensions, this is a file with the extension “.XPS” which is a specification or a simplified “XML paper”, which describes the structure and content of a specific document.

These "XPS" files began their debut as a replacement for the EMF format, also known as " The Windows Meta File “, Which allowed users to create and share original designs in the early 90s.

Here is how the "XPS" format is an improved version of the Microsoft version with the "PDF" format, inspired by the structure of the "XML" format.

Due to the structure of the "XPS" files and the description of a document does not change depending on the type of operating system or printer and is consistent across platforms. That means; you will have no problem when using this format to save information and when doing a format conversion.

In addition, this format ensures that you can share a document with other users so that you can trust that what you see on the page is preserved in the “XPS” view.

How can file transformation be done?

Now, in order to change the format of the “XPS” file online; It will be on your computer desktop and you will need to click on the icon of your preferred search engine (example: "Google") and type " converti file XPS in PDF ". So, as a user, this page for free that allows you to do the file format conversion step by step:

  1. Locate the files in the folder that are saved (be it on your PC or USB device), shade the files and drag them into the box that will show you the web page.
  2. Choose the output format "PDF" and in this way the "XPS" file will be transformed according to your needs.
  3. Once this action is started, the converter transforms the file format into " PDF ”And will store it on the desktop or in the folder intended for use.

There is this other method that is downloading the free “PDF24” program, this is a “virtual PDF printer” that you install on your computer, so that you can use it as a physical printer. Unlike this, it creates “PDF” files and stores them in this format (does not print on physical paper).

This is possible as long as you have a player for “XPS” files, though Windows it have by default, so you can do it.

With the above explained, it will be in your browser and you will be ready to download it to your desktop or laptop computer where you will. After completing this task and installing the software, you will see a new printing device registered in the Windows section.

Now, this now allows you to create fillet " PDF Without using a web tool or internet connection, making formatting changes is convenient and safe.

Then, open the already installed program to convert the format into said program; which will simultaneously open the Windows default elector to load the “XPS” file and place it in the stored folder.

Then, select the "Print" option on the virtual printer to create the new file which will be stored in "PDF" format.

Finally, the program of the virtual printer it will automatically open a window, which allows the user to locate the destination path he deems appropriate to save the new file and then use its information in a new format.

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